General "Mad Dog" Mattis Comments on North Korea


General Mattis briefs press on the status of USA and North Korean relations. This is a developing story especially if we go to war.

America's First Responders Strike Back After Browns Players Refuse To Stand For Anthem


In the wake of the protest, area-first responders say that if football players don’t want to respect America

Santa Monica, CA Has Their “Right To Life” Priorities BACK-ASSward!


Pro-abortion politicians have always had strange priorities, but the ones in Santa Monica, California have really redefined “backward.”

The Ultimate NAZI, George Soros On Petition


George Soros is notorious for funding dozens of anti-American groups, unions, left-wing think tanks, Black Lives Matter,

Disgruntled Cop Who Arrested Nurse Over Blood Gets Rude Awakening


Body cam footage from several officers captured the incident.