False Prophet William Tapley Was Wrong AGAIN


Prophecy Being Fulfilled: Obama Last President of The United States???

Donald Trump makes Obama the last president in US

by : Rheya Bebs | Eternal Affairs Media

After Trump was elected as the nation’s next president, Voters upset that Republican Donald Trump had been elected president and think that the presidency was unfairly taken from Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Anti-Trump protesters have been filmed marching through streets, hurling rocks through windows and setting fire to property. And United States ‘will declare martial law’ if cities fall to anti-Trump rioters. Many of Trump supporters alleged that Obama would use his victory as an excuse to declare martial law and extend his presidency. Now that Republican Donald Trump will be filling Obama’s seat in the Oval Office, some conspiracy theorists are certain the president will declare martial law to extend his own term and keep Trump out of office. If martial law is declared, Obama will remain president, making history!

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And theres a news site cranked out an election year fairy tale guaranteed to tickle the fancy of every conspiracy theorist that President Obama has announced he’ll refuse to leave office if Donald Trump is elected President. The rumor started with a report published by satire news website Burrard Street Journal in early September 2016 under the headline, “President Obama Confirms He Will Refuse to Leave Office if Trump Is elected.” The Burrard Street Journal claimed President Obama told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an interview that “in the best interests of our nation,” he’ll refuse to leave office if GOP candidate Donald Trump is elected President:

However there is “some” truth to the story:

The current president claims he is “fully prepared” to ignore the popular vote if it means stopping Trump, having found what he believes is a little known loophole that would allow him to remain in charge until a re-election is called.

“As president, I must do what I feel is in the best interests of our nation,” he explained. “If the American people elected ‘the Donald’ then I will be forced to take whatever actions I deem necessary.”

When asked by the CNN anchor if he would remain in charge, Obama’s response was firm. “I am not standing down as president if it means four years of President Trump,” he said categorically.

Electoral College movement

Every four years, the Electoral College, a little known feature of our Constitution, enjoys a fleeting movement of fame. About six weeks after the long grind of the presidential election is over, the 538 members of the college meet in their respective states to perform their sole constitutional function: to elect the President and Vice-President of the United States.

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In the Electoral College, each state is represented by appointed electors equal in number to the state’s members in Congress. These electors are expected to cast their votes for the candidates selected by the popular vote in their state. The political parties in each state appoint the electors. If a state has a tie between elector votes, the tie breaking process is different for each state.

Trump won 290 of the so-called electoral votes, in the race to get a minimum 270.The largest effort is through the website Change.org, which as of Monday afternoon, more than 4.3 million people, getting closer to its goal of 4.5 million signed an online petition “to make Hillary Clinton President on December 19” by calling on electors in the Electoral College to ignore their commitments to vote for Donald Trump.

Furthermore, electors overturning Trump particularly would certainly cause a constitutional crisis, because there is no world in which the Republican Party who, again, controls Congress would accept Clinton taking the presidency in this way.

War with Russia?

According to Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton brings the real threat of war, not Donald Trump, as election news has Russia gearing up for a possible attack. Hillary’s image as a war hawk is lost on mainstream American voters, but Russia, Europe, and other nations saw a not-so-warm-and-fuzzy side of Hillary when she was Secretary of State, and the contents of Mrs. Clinton’s intercepted emails has not served to soothe their fears. Vladimir Putin’s open concerns about Hillary Clinton have put Russians and Romanians under a lot of stress. Vladimir Putin has ordered the Aerospace Defense Forces to accelerate the deployment of two or more missile attack early warning system satellites. He told his military leaders to prepare for imminent war if Hillary is elected according to ETF.

“If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war.”

Many older Russians blame Bill Clinton for the collapse of the Russian economy during the 1990s Hillary Clinton is Satan to the Russian People, according to the Observer, while they see at least a ray of hope in Donald Trump.

Putin was encouraged by Donald Trump’s message that he was willing to work with Russian leaders, but as the FBI drag their feet on what Russians know should be an indictment of Mrs. Clinton, tensions continue to rise.

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Could Donald Trump be assassinated?

Donald Trump is not the only high profile public “Trump” target; he has three wives (two former), four adult children, multiple public buildings and businesses that are now all potential “soft” targets of sabotage. Attacks against his properties have already started.

Republicans are more likely to be assassinated than Democrats. Since a total of 18 past presidents were Republicans, this reveals that one in six Republican presidents was murdered in office. Additionally, two Republican presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, were intentionally but non-fatally shot. Thus, five of 18 Republican presidents or 28% were victims of murder or injury by assassins. That’s better than one in four.

The potential assassin could be a feminist, a Latino, a black American, a Muslim, a crippled person, a Trump University student, an environmentalist, a gay activist or, frankly, just about anyone he has supposedly insulted or disenfranchised.

With all the issues Donald Trump involves in, there’s a big possibility that he will be assassinated.

The wikileaks, the anti-trumps protester that can possibly lead to declaration of Martial law that will remain Obama as President of the United States.

Is this the sign that the prediction of William Tapley Seven years ago that Barack Obama is the last King of the South. Obama was born in Kenya. Kenya is south of Jerusalem and United States is south of Russia.


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