Police Arrest 6 Year Old Girl For Having Temper-Tantrum


Has your child ever had a temper-tantrum? … what if they were arrested for this exact reason?
Salecia Johnson, six years old, did just that on April 13. Her teachers say she had a temper tantrum in class, but instead of putting her in time-out, the school called the police. HUH? Yes, they called the police!

Salecia was handcuffed, charged with battery, and kept in police custody for an hour before her parents finally found out what was going on. Though all charges have been dropped,
Salecia — a 6-year-old —  now has an arrest record. I would like to know what SICK PIG decided he had the power to charge a six year old little girl with a crime. Furthermore, question her without her parents being present. This is illegal and just ‘plain’ morally and ethically WRONG. You can take action now to help this from happening ever again in the future. Keep Reading …

Salecia’s momma, Constance, says that “Salecia has been traumatized by this experience. She’s afraid to return to school and recently woke up in the middle of the night saying ‘they are coming to get me.'” Constance wants to make sure that this incident won’t affect Salecia’s future, and she wants answers about why police officers were involved in the first place. We don’t blame one bit for questioning this ridiculous decision. As a matter of fact, its our duty as American Citizens to demand answers and resist corrupt government.

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This really, also, just boils down to “pure common sense” … 40 years ago this would have been unheard of, but with the lack of patience and compassion this entire world encompasses, these things are very likely to happen NOW. It is sick. It is wrong, and we will do something about it.

So Constance started a petition on Change.org demanding that Salecia’s arrest be removed from her record and that Creekside Elementary pledge to stop involving police in school discipline.

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Constance believes that what happened to Salecia is part of a larger problem. Schools across America are adopting “zero-tolerance” policies that are making police involvement in school disciplinary matters more and more common, according to the Advancement Project, a group working with Constance’s family.

If thousands of people sign Constance’s petition, the police and the officials at Creekside Elementary will see that they can’t arrest and handcuff a six-year-old girl without facing public consequences. Schools around the country will take notice — and Constance hopes there won’t be another child that faces what Salecia did.

Click here to sign Constance’s petition demanding that Salecia’s arrest be removed from her record and that Creekside Elementary pledge to stop involving police in school discipline.

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