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Is Corruption a Crime? … and if so … Who is Guilty? Let’s Focus On Our Political Leaders!

Written on 3-15-12

Check out what Associated Press said this morning about corruption being a punishable crime, Former Illinois Governor is “sentenced for corruption” … now you know me, I have a lot of TRUTH to speak into this, editorially.

First read what AP had to say below:

CHICAGO (AP) – Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (blah-GOY’-uh-vich) is trading in his Oxxford-label suits for prison khakis and a new identity: Inmate Number 40892-424.

The impeached one-time golden boy of Illinois politics famous for his trademark thick hair and penchant for television cameras has left his home in Chicago and is headed to a prison in Colorado to begin serving a 14-year prison sentence for corruption.

Jurors convicted Blagojevich on 18 counts, including charges he tried to sell or trade President Barack Obama’s old U.S. Senate seat.

Blagojevich spoke Wednesday to supporters and reporters outside his Chicago home, saying “this is not over.”

He is appealing the convictions and the prison term.

– snippet from the Associated Press syndicated by KAIT8 – Southeast Missouri 3-15-12

Now … personally, I’ve never heard of “corruption” as being a punishable crime (even though I believe that it should be). Its highly likely I’m wrong in this respect since its so hard to keep up with all of the illegal bills that President Obama has been passing without congress approval (or) forcing them to pass the laws with various threats such as Marshal Law. I speak the truth in all my words, and Obama should not be president to begin with, yet the American people are spoon fed garbage like little babies and cry when there internet is going to be taken away. (Can I say SOPA?)

Either way, corruption as a crime would indicate that the TSA (Transportation Security Administration: a private held security agency / NOT law enforcement / NOT military), a lot of Corrupt Police Officers (not all but a quite a few “and growing“), as well as the corporate and banking elite of America and the President himself should be tried for this same exact “corruption as a crime”

This blog post touches on a lot of important issues, so pay attention. I may move quick from one thing to the next. Do diligent research on the internet yourself to find out the truth. Watch the videos in our Video Vault, and do this before this website gets taken off the internet!

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Why isn’t America waking up? … whether it matters to you or not … THEY ARE!

Congressman Ron Paul is making notorious strides (in a good way) to make a difference during these presidential elections. Even if he does not win, its fueling a fire within the Patriot’s Soul for Revolution.

For the dumb-butts out there (I’m going to attempt to watch my “Italian” from now on), REVOLUTION is the act of REVOLTING! This means the people in whom the power is given are sick and tired of the corrupt elite taking over with there secret agenda and forcing it down the throats of the citizens, killing off populations, molesting 5 year olds in airports, and stealing America’s money through Deliberate Inflation, taking what is freely printed for themselves since they own the private banks. Do you realize how crazy this sounds yet Americans seem to not give a crap.

What I’m saying is simply this:

With due respects to World War III as well, a revolution or even civil war is coming to The Land of The Free and The Americans are too caught up in watching television, being further controlled, that they cannot see what is really going on. My friends & Enemies “alike”, Revolution HAS happened before throughout history and any person especially the entrepreneurs in our audience, should get a firm grasp on history, for the one things I’m learning about history … is we never learn from history!

They look at the “conspiracy theorist” and think, “that man/woman is crazy”

You know, I can “sortof” relate to how you’re feeling if you think this is garbage, because I was raised in a mainstream household. The internet was not readily available if available at all while I was growing up as a child, and my parents / separated and re-married were not very educated and they “settled” … I’m not speaking anything bad against my parents (Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother), but Never Settle For What You Are Told Is The Truth … seek it for yourself. I give you the resources to do so. The internet is vast land of learning opportunity and that’s what ticks me off about the laziness in not only America, but the World in general. … but seriously, I understand its difficult to even consider another view when you’ve been taught & conditioned to believe something all of your life. NEVER SETTLE!

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Really it’s the elite of the world that are truly corrupt. …. Stay with me here … If there is one conspiracy theory, its that of 911. it’s the conspiracy theory that Al-Queda is primarily responsible, when in reality (not theory), it was the Governments of the world conspiring together (both US, Great Britain and probably others) to shell out a PR Push (now, I’m a publicist so I know how these things work). Yes! 911 was one big Publicity Stunt with the agenda to fool hard working and honest Americans … maybe to keep quiet while they draw up the final plans for America and the US Dollar as well as many citizen’s lives.

Is it about money? NO … They own all the money in the world (“That’s Another Song”)

ITS ABOUT CONTROL! The elite are Satanists (dare I go here, for I’m protected by The Name of All Names! Amen, so I dare!).

They are intelligent beyond belief. The can pull these things off. It’s a stroke of satanic genius. If you’re debating whether its true or false, watch some of the videos in the Video Vault immediately; don’t put it off, for tomorrow may not be here for many of us, and with the FCC regulation on the world wide web, this website may soon no longer be here either. Use these tools diligently at your disposal while you have them. Don’t take them for granted like the freedoms we did so long ago. I find hope & strength in Knowing The Truth – that no matter what this world shells out, whether it be the elite or an “evil cop” … I am made right with The Almighty in whom says, “It is Finished.”

GOD BLESS ~ Biselliano


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