The USA Liberty Act and the Destruction of Our 2nd and 4th Amendments Rights

When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny
Screenshot - 10_13_2017 , 2_36_49 PM mandalay bay multiple windows removed out truth conspiracy paddock not alone cia isis

Shocking VIDEO: Multiple Windows Removed From Mandalay Bay (New Evidence!!!)

MUST WATCH! Video opens NEW questions about the Las Vegas shooting including damning photos of multiple windows other than 32nd removed!
Screenshot - 10_12_2017 , 12_46_00 AM vegas shooting police scanner infowars

Somebody Is Lying .. Police Scanner Evidence From Vegas Shooting Revealed This

CNN, MSNBC, CBS or even FOX, We're not buying the official narrative of what happened. We may not be saying that there were fake...
Screenshot - 10_9_2017 , 9_08_18 PM paddock alive new featured photo

BREAKING: Video of Stephen Paddock Alive AFTER Las Vegas Shooting???

This is clearly more than fishy. The man does not only resemble Stephen Paddock ... He's also with an Asian woman at a Casino

Fiction Becomes Reality – Viewer Discretion Advised: The Zombie Drug

In these end times, the two realms of Spirituality and Physical Reality are diverging paths and crossing where it meets the eye!
Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Joshua Nink

President Donald Trump Will NOT Be Impeached Says The Lord

Wow! I can't believe I missed this one. Kim Clement a man of God no longer with us prophesied
the rapture photocredit-christiantoday-com

What Is The Rapture And What Comes After?

The rapture is when Jesus Christ returns to remove the church (all believers in Christ) from the earth.

UPDATED: The Truth About The Entertainment Industry, Michael Jackson and More

Baphomet is the demon set up in the music industry. Musicians make sacrifices to Baphomet to "secure" fame and fortune.