Fake Cardboard Printouts Line American Store Shelves Resembling Scene From North Korea


Fake Cardboard Printouts Line American Store Shelves Resembling Scene From North Korea

As food shelves go bare, fake food cardboard printouts continue the illusion of abundance

Mike Adams with Natural News reports:

IMAGE VIA theirishsentinel.com

One of the key characteristics of totalitarian regimes is the incessant effort to conceal the failures of their disastrous policies. As inflation grips the nation, they pretend there’s no real inflation at all. As the supply chain collapses, they mock those who complain and tell you to “lower your expectations.” And as grocery store shelves go bare, they go to tremendous lengths to create the illusion that shelves still contain an abundance of food, even if they have to print out food posters on cardboard on install the cardboard into the food bins where the actual food is supposed to be.

On top of that, the CDC has announced “re-education camps” to forcibly brainwash government workers and police officers into accepting the spike protein suicide jab. If you say no, you will be diagnosed with a mental illness and involuntarily subjected to “treatment,” no doubt.

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