Did President Trump Give Clear Message To The Clintons In His Recent Speech Using Fiji Water?


In one of President Donald Trump’s recent speeches, did he give symbolic, esoteric clues as to what he and his administration

Creepy Murals In The Basement of Bank of America Make You Wonder


This video footage was taken with an employee’s cell phone deep within Bank of America which is owned by the Eltiist, Rothschilds

Chief Justice Roy Moore Shakes Things Up ... Standing Up Against Accusers of This World


In wake of recent attacks by the enemy, Chief Justice Roy Moore stands up yet again for God’s Law …

Gun Owner Takes Down Shooter & Obama “Prays” For Gun Control


Fortunately, somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction. Otherwise … it would have been much worse

Missouri Courts Side With Satanists On Abortion Law


Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley does not appear phased by the legal setback

Video of Last Sermon at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs TX Brings Comfort


These people didn’t see it coming when an evil monster entered their temple and slaughtered at least 26 on Sunday morning, BUT they were READY!

BREAKING: At Least 20 Feared Dead In Mass Church Shooting This Morning

baptist church sutherland springs texas sunday

30 miles southeast of San Antonio. The gunman has been fatally shot by police, Fox News has confirmed