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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Defends His Flight on Epstein’s Airplane Which He Admits Is True Allegation


RFK Jr. admits “I was on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet two times” …

by Curtis “Ray Biselliano” Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

IMAGE SCREENSHOT VIA chicagotribune.com “aka” mainstream/mockingbird media fake news site

Here in the two following tweets just posted to X by Presidential Hopeful, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., he appears to defend his name after his name appeared on Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs … Make your own conclusions …

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I, personally, believe Robert F. Kennedy would make a good POTUS, except for the fact he’s a Judas, once standing for God’s Chosen David! YES! I said it, GOD STILL HAS HIS HAND ON PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP AND IS NOT FINISHED WITH HIM YET. ANYONE THAT IS GOING UP AGAINST HIM IS ONLY SERVING THEIR OWN NEEDS.

I have no respect for Traitors and Judases who have turned their back on 45!

God”s Plan is much BIGGER than all our own needs & agendas! He’s simply NOT finished with him yet, and anybody standing in that way, is just causing an additional problem, and roadblock for God’s purpose to be fulfilled.

I guess only time will tell for sure! I mean, at least wait in line!! God’s NOT through with 45 yet!!!

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