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‘Christ Jesus’ Goes Viral on Social Media From Thousands Sharing Scripture


‘Christ Jesus’ Is Trending …

‘Christ Jesus’ Goes Viral on Social Media From Thousands Sharing Scripture

James Lasher with Charisma Magazine reports:

PHOTO VIA beliefnet.com

People around the world are suffering from a spiritual drought as God is removed from public places and replaced with secularism and pagan gods of old, as unpacked in Jonathan Cahn’s recent bestseller, “The Return of the Gods.”

Yet this decline in spiritual health and safety can be combated and defeated when Christians rise up and proclaim the name of Jesus to the whole world.

That is precisely what is unfolding on Twitter!

Christ Jesusis a trending topic with tens of thousands of tweets and appears near the top of trending topics, exposing millions of users and piquing their interest into this Jesus who is making such waves.

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