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Pastor Carl Gallups Returns to Eternal Affairs TRUTH Radio for 5th Time With Exciting News


YES! So excited! EA Truth Radio will be publishing (right here) Pastor Carl’s future sermons on a weekly basis! STAY TUNED! 

What Does It Mean To Be Saved?


How the Bible Describes Salvation: At his invitation, and the prodding of the Holy Spirit, scores of people would leave their seats …

Michelle Obama’s Juice Drink Comes Under Scrutiny, Puts Wealth Above Health of Children


Obama announced the launch of PLEZi , new healthy food and beverage company, last week … puts wealth above health of children, some critics say …

AI – The Facts and the Dangers – on POLITICALLY INCORRECT w/Host Andrew Shecktor ~ EA Truth Radio

POLITICALLY INCORRECT-andrew-andy-shecktor-eatruthradio-2022-podcast-youtube-cover-art

This is Andy’s LIVE Show from Thursday, May 4, 2023!!! Thank YOU For Helping To KEEP THE TRUTH ONLINE … Listen Here!

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