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Iran Close to Testing Nuclear Weapons for First Time


Iran’s fast-moving development of weapons-grade uranium is bringing the possibility of an Iranian first nuclear test closer.

Iran close to testing nuclear weapons for first time – European intel

Benjamin Weinthal with The Jerusalem Post reports: 

IMAGE VIA cnn.com

The Islamic Republic of Iran is close to possibly testing a nuclear weapons device and has sought to obtain illicit technology for its active atomic weapons program, according to a series of shocking European intelligence reports released in 2023.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) first published translations of the intelligence documents on its website. The Jerusalem Post is the first Israeli newspaper to report on the intelligence findings from the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany.

The most unsettling revelation from the batch of  intelligence data comes from the Netherlands General and Intelligence Security Service (AVID).

The AVID determined the Iranian regime’s fast-moving development of weapons grade uranium “brings the option of a possible Iranian first nuclear test closer.”

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