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The Push Towards Digital Currency… Is More Like a Shove in Front of an Oncoming Bus Pt. 2


Part II: Why is That Bus So Damned Bloody?

The Push Towards Digital Currency… Is More Like a Shove in Front of an Oncoming Bus Pt. 2

by H. Michael Sweeney | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

IMAGE VIA ceps.eu

In part 1 of this series, we discussed the history of the Yellow Brick Road to a global currency, part of the Great Reset in an attempt to establish a one-world authoritarian government. Establishing a digital currency, then, is an interim step, where the final global version will likely be tied to carbon currency, carbon taxes, and the carbon credit scheme in a way which mirrors and incorporates Red China’s social credit system. That, alone will leave a lot of us bloodied, as the U.S. government, thanks to the far-left Democrats and the Deep State’s allegiances to the global elite, throw us under the bus now roaring down that road looking for victims (YOU and me, and especially, our children).

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The Bus Stop is already crowded with those awaiting the No 666 bus…

Yes. The NWO elite behind digital currency knows that a generation which grows up knowing only digital currency will have no frame of reference to imagine the difference. There will likely be no going back possible. And what is that difference, if not the reason it will draw blood from its victims as it rolls over us on its way to the first stop, Digital Dollars? Just how, is the thrust of this Part II. We start with a famous Bible Prophecy about the ‘Mark of the Beast.’

Revelation 13:17 (KJV) “17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

IMAGE VIA mcdonaldhopkins.com

Remember that Jesus asked whos’ face was on the money when asked about paying taxes, in Matthew 22:20. In digital currency, especially if tied to Carbon (as seen below, highlighted in bold), the number of the beast easily becomes the only identifiable ‘face.’

One of the key selling points they will use to convince you to embrace a digital currency, is its security, telling you that you can no longer be mugged for cash, or your safe be looted for it. That’s not quite true, except in the litteral sense, because you won’t have any cash. The keymost core element of a digital currency is that it is highly identifiable; every dollar of it. Just as every printed dollar has a serial number, every digital dollar has a number. But unlike cash, the digital variety’s number will forever be tied to your identification number as user, once it passes through your ‘hands.’ That means both forwards and backwards in time.

But you never have it physically in hand, only in your account at the bank, another number forever associated with you. Your Social Security number, will also be involved, a thing our forefathers decried as Mark of the Beast, in the day… and they made a good case, even then. And yet, there will be another number, actually a kind of digital signature, also associated with you, ongoing… which is how you will authorize a transaction when buying or selling, a kind of password, in effect. This, in turn, will in time be tied to your social score, a system which, in the global currency version, will very likely be the stamp of approval by government, the Mark of the Beast, very likely tied to your carbon footprint. As we showed in Part I, C3, the carbon molecule created by plant photosynthesis, establishes a molecular valuation, so to speak, of 666, based on the Atomic number of Carbon.

IMAGE VIA centralbanking.com

This is what makes a digital currency such a powerful tool for an authoritarian government. For digital currency to work, the Government and the banks are the only ones able to track and authorize all those numbers in a transaction, though in selling you on the idea, they will make it seem as if it is you who is in control, by your password number authorization. They’ve been training you for it since the advent of Apple Pay and similar systems designed for your phone, the logical tool for implementing a simple-to-use digital currency. But it won’t be that simple, if the government is not pleased with you, for any reason.

Today, if you buy something, like a gun, or a book critical of government, are a gasonline-powered car, they have no right to know you have done so, in Washington, D.C. That all changes: the government automatically knows, instantly, and has all the juicy details, down to the serial number, make, and model of the gun, and how many bullets you got to go with it, and the title of the book, and the name of the author, and more; the where, and the when, the clerk, etc. If government is unhappy with you, to include how you spend or acquire your money, there are any number of ways they can interfere with your ability to do either.

President Obama has already laid the foundation for such a system, with Operation Chokepoint, an initiative to use banks to help restrain sales of firearms through the banking system… which is why you saw Chase Manhattan target gun store purchases made with their credit cards. Biden is doing much the same, in lockstep, in his quiet efforts to bring digital currency to fruition. Review of his associated Executive Order and other White House directives to agencies, reveals the intention to use digital currency to enforce ideological beliefs and empower government as never before. He repeatedly uses terms like ‘financial inclusion and equity,’ ‘climate change and pollution control,’ or ‘Medical compliance.’ He has moved to give IRS the ability to see directly into your bank accounts, to track all transactions over $600, and wants a way to enable financial controls over your political, social, financial, and medical decisions (Medical tyranny). Can spiritual choices be far behind, given the far left’s disdain for Christianity, and Israel?


By means such as these, government can limit what you buy or sell by restricting specific books, or categories like weapons, or transactions with specific persons or businesses… which for all practical purposes have the same problems as do individuals, as functionally, they, too, must use the currency with their own accounts: it takes two user accounts to effect a transaction. Any form of social credits or other dictated basis can easily be rendered into automatic algorithms, as well as manually established by any bureaucratic agency, including the intelligence community, should you become a person of interest. These things essentially render your money ‘programmable’ by government (they even use that word to describe it), to fully control what you can and can’t do with it, and to track your every action through the day, down to where you are at a given time. We will come back to how that works, shortly.

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If that were not enough control, the sum total of your buying and selling history, can be fed into automated psychoanalysis tools which render a computer model of your mental state. To a useful degree, it can even predict your actions, both simple (where you will be and what you will likely be doing at a given time), and complex (how you will react to a given set of circumstance, even what you may be thinking). Today, A.I. computer systems find this an easy step. In fact, the Club of Rome has such a system which models the entire world, as if it were a person, to see how it will react to any given proposed paradigm shift they might engineer, such as the Great Reset. This is the source of their confidence in speaking openly about the reset, as if set in stone. The computer has told them you will comply, and what can be done to limit the impact of those who do not comply. And yes, that will truly be bloody.

Say goodbye to the principles of privacy, of freedom to associate, to exchange ideas freely (Free Speech), or of being secure in your person and property. Indeed, the ability choose and buy, own, or sell property will soon enough be in question. What you think and say, and choices you make about your own body or actions suddenly becomes attached to your purse strings, and they are held by Big Brother. Look at what Canada did to Canadian truckers and anyone who dared support them, through the banks and even GoFundMe. Digital currency wields that level of power in any and every social and financial, sector, any and every marketplace/industry and institution, and for any and every ideological and political need, and reveals the dangerous power given to government with a digital currency.

Big brother electronic eye concept, technologies for the global surveillance, security of computer systems and networks, well organized layers
High-tech computer digital technology, global surveillance / IMAGE VIA cdotrends.com

Do you doubt they would do so, having seen Biden’s display of Fascist visual and verbal methods in hisMarine-bookendsspeech? Have Democrats not already weaponized the IRS, CIA, FBI, DHS, DEA, DOJ, against political enemies? Have they not sought to turn social media, mainstream press, and the voting system into falsehoods of mind and electoral control? These tyrannical events are nothing compared to what could be accomplished silently and without warning, with a digital currency in place.

THAT, then, brings us to how digital currency can track you. A companion tool for doing that has been being slowly established over the years since the 9-11 attack, when government began trying to create the Total Information Awareness Office, a new intelligence agency, of sorts. It was intended to marry the abilities of NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, NRO (National Reconnaissance Office – spy satellites), and FINCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), into a single tool highly integrated with those agencies, the military, and corporate America, including banking systems.

For just as they now seek digital currency, they had many decades ago sought a means to track items, with something called RFID chips (Radio-Frequency Identification Devices). An RFID chip is extremely cheap to produce, and can be as small as the period at the end of this sentence. Functionally, it is a kind of radio transmitter that can transmit its identification number whenever asked to do so with another radio signal, so designed. It is now present on many of the products you buy, in one form or another. Everything from Pampers to Gillette blades to Max Factor makeup… to whole shipping container and their contents. Even postage stamps, identification papers, shipping labels, event and bus tickets, credit cards, hotel and other secure keys, and security access cards/employee ID tags can have them.

Key to TIA (since renamed Terrorist Information Awareness, dropping Office, to allay Big Brother fears), was that it had ways to tie directly into the commercial community’s inventory management data bases, through a multitude of ways, which allowed every financial transaction to have some likelihood of being traced at the retail level. But financial transactions were not the only kind of transactions being tracked. The beauty of RFID, is the they are so prevalent, that the average person carries a handful of them with them everywhere they go.

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Every time you pass through a security check, leave a store with go-no-go style shoplifting deterrence, pay for something with a card, pass some security cameras or go anywhere someone might want to know who is passing by, when, your RIFD tags can be read, and traced back to you, an RFID reader smaller than a cigarette lighter can be placed or incorporated to track you. Every such read is considered a transaction in TIA, even if not involving money. Do yourself a favor, and learn more about RFID. That link will also go more into TIAO. The information there is old, but in no way rendered obsolete.

IMAGE VIA bitterempire.com

Here, the thing to know about TIA, is how it can not only track you, but model you psychologically, and predict your movements and choices. It is its own early form of Thought Police, in that respect, mirroring the abilities of digital currency. In other words, they work well together, amplifying one the other’s abilities. The following diagram is from the government’s own White Paper, where you note red dotted lines and associated descriptive text, which was not on the original version, added to calm the fears of Big Government which frustrated their plan. But the government already has backdoor ways into much of the private sector, and FISA warrants (the dotted lines) are rubber stamped to enable access to the remainder, often in wholesale fashion, with absolutely no oversight or safety provisions against abuse.

In Part III of this series, we would best look at what can be done to thwart digital currency, or resist it’s use. The only trouble with that, is that our options are two few, and tend to be feeble, at best. There is no Part III, possible. It can all be said in a few paragraphs, and so, here they are:

Part III: Hijacking the bus (bring body bags)

There are only three things which can be done to stop the bus from arriving on schedule, and at best, all we can likely do, is to delay it. The first is to be very active in protesting the concept at all levels of government, doing so politely but firmly, mincing no words about your concerns. The second is to consider hording cash and preparing for an underground black market, which will naturally develop here, just as it exists in Red China, despite the laws there (and here) against it. People will do whatever they need to survive.

Barter and cash will rule in the black market. In time, barter only, as government will gradually acquire the cash and destroy it, bit by bit. Counterfeiting will likely explode as a business model, which will also eat away at the desire to trust accepting cash. The government already hates Barter, because it is hard to tax. But to play the barter game best, means you should establish something you can create on your own, worthy of barter… things you either make, or services you can offer in trade. And you need to engage in it covertly; you don’t exactly want to advertise.

This is why U.N. Agenda 20 and 30 have worked so hard to limit what you can do with your own property, and to engineer scarcity of items of necessity (the most valuable of all barter commodities: food, water, fuel, power sources, ammo). Codex Alimentarius will make it illegal to grow your own food or to buy or sell herbs, vitamins, and other health products without a prescription. Thus, not only do they intend to own and control your money, but also, the very things you depend on, for life itself. Failure to play the game their way, or do well with barter, could leave you with only one thing left of value, your blood.

I am reminded of Christ’s warning to the Apostles, which on one hand speaks to their risk of martyrdom, but on the other, speaks to the blood debt of the House of Israel over his blood upon the Cross, which he foresaw, and which would result in the scattering and embitterment towards future generations until the end times, when Israel would (and now has) return as a nation. For we are now all at a point where we must either become totally obedient to authoritarians of the day, and have the core principles of our nation scattered and destroyed like Israel, or risk our own martyrdom to prevent it.

And THAT is why that bus is likely to be so damned bloodly.

Luke 11:51 51 From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, which perished between the alter and the temple, I say unto you, It shall be required of this generation.”

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