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How Do We Contend With The Rising Deception Darkening Minds All Around Us?


Demonic deception began in the Garden. The Devil and his hordes have followed the same pattern of deceit ever since.

Tim Moore with Harbingers Daily writes:


Demonic deception began in the Garden. Satan first attempted to redefine the words of God, then attempted to denounce God by discrediting His words altogether. The Devil and his hordes have followed the same pattern of deceit ever since.

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Frankly, Satan is content to merely lead a person astray, but he really rejoices when a person embraces active rebellion against the Almighty as he has. Whether dupe or fellow antagonist—deceived or deceiver— such a person is on the highway to Hell.

Scripture has much to say about Heaven, but it has even more to say about Hell—as does Jesus Himself. Similarly, there are repeated warnings not to be deceived. Clearly, this is a danger that the Lord wants us to guard against. And yet, modern Christians have bought into the lie that spiritual forces are of little consequence.

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