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Only GOD Can Do That! on A RELEVANT WORD Podcast w/Pastor Carl Gallups ~ EA Truth Radio


Another Biblically Based Teaching By Pastor Carl Gallups on A RELEVANT WORD Podcast … Thank You For Tuning In & Showing Your Support


This blessed partnership with Pastor Carl Gallups and Eternal Affairs TRUTH Media has been ordained by the Lord God Almighty!

Thank you for tuning in & showing your support!

Our Hosts’ viewpoints don’t always reflect what EA TRUTH Media believes as a whole!

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We’re sincerely sorry there was a time lapse in which we did not publish any new A RELEVANT WORD podcasts with Pastor Carl Gallups. We should be getting back on track now … We’re waiting on the new season to be available to us. It should be SOON, and we have a couple more of these we’ll do our best to get to you every other Wednesday as promised! Thank you SO MUCH for GRANTING US A LITTLE GRACE 😇


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