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What Are Healing Frequencies and Why Do They Actually Work?


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What Is The Frequency of Healing? Is It God’s Frequency?

What Are Healing Frequencies and Why Do They Actually Work?

Rosanne Lindsay with Naturopath writes:


All matter is frequency and vibration, whether alive or inanimate. If it exists, it has a frequency.

In the same way a wooden table has a specific frequency, so do sounds, thoughts, emotions, prayer, meditation, words, actions, cells, organ systems, and whole bodies, to name a few.

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As sound vibration is made visible through the science of Cymatics, energy is felt in the human body as e-motion, or energy-in-motion. Sound can be defined as vibrations that travel through the air, water, or other medium. Both sound vibration and emotional vibration manifest form. As electromagnetic beings, made mostly of water, the human form resonates in frequencies.

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The human senses, limited as they are, translate frequencies:

Eyes – Translate different photon vibrations creating the colors we see.
Ears – Translate sound wave frequencies into the notes we hear.
Nose – Translates the certain molecules into different odors.
Sense of touch – Translates tiny vibrations that create texture through the stimulation on nerves.

The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence states that there is always a correspondence between the outer world and the inner world – “as within, so without” or “as above, so below.” For example, there is a correspondence between numbers and sound and between sound and healing.

Pythagoras, the author of the Pythagorean Theorem, also founded the doctrine of the “Music of Spheres” which correlates the practice of numerology with tones. Since his time, many others have connected healing tones with healing and colors with healing. Of course, colors also correspond to the chakras (wheels of light) in the energy system of the body. Thus, sound healing focuses on specific frequencies that resonate with the chakras, the sources of life energy.

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