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At Least 13 U.S. Hospitals Caught Performing Gender Transition Surgeries on Minors… Big Tech Covers It Up


Yet Again Big Tech Uses “Faux Checks” and Suspensions to Censor The Truth … Libs of TikTok Hit Again …

At Least 13 U.S. Hospitals Perform Gender Transition Surgeries on Minors

Joshua Arnold with The Washington Stand reports:

IMAGE VIA buzzfeednews.com

After Libs of TikTok exposed the Boston Children’s Hospital last week for performing gender transition surgeries on minors, the hospital rushed to contain the fallout, revising its website to remove the evidence. Leftist media organizations pitched in, with formerly credible news organizations running “fact checks” debunking the claim and articles designed to twist the narrative into one about “threats” made against the hospital, rather than the outrageous behavior that provoked them. Facebook also piled on, permanently suspending Libs of TikTok without warning or explanation. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics went into damage control mode.

Yet it is inarguably true that Boston Children’s Hospital has performed gender transition surgeries on minors. A peer-reviewed study published this March in the Journal of Clinical Medicine used as its dataset 204 gender transition surgeries performed by Center for Gender Surgery (CfGS) at Boston Children’s Hospital from January 2017 to August 2020, in which 65 (around a third) were under the age of 18. The researchers explained that CfGS “was the first pediatric center in the United States to offer gender-affirming chest surgeries for individuals over 15-years-old and genital surgeries for those over 17 years of age.”

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