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Who Is Dr. Berg & What Does He Teach? … Guide to Alternative, Holistic Medicine & Natural Remedies


Who Is Dr. Berg?

Who Is Dr. Berg & What Does He Teach? … Guide to Alternative, Holistic Medicine & Natural Remedies

Dr. Berg educates his audience about the Keto diet quite often throughout his videos. He begins one video by …

by Liz Mumbi | Contributing Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

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Alternative, Holistic Medicine & Natural Remedies have become quite prevalent in recent years. The terms ‘wellness’ and ‘holistic’ come up in numerous conversations around the world nowadays, and especially in the US. The concept of holistic is the origin of the wellness movement.

Most people are fed up with waiting for many hours in the hospitals just to end up getting treated by an exhausted practitioner. These people have a desire to be in control of their health and lives and it makes them feel empowered when they do that. Below are more reasons why many people are turning to alternative, holistic and natural treatments:

Big Pharma is Corrupt

For many years, the pharmaceutical industry all over the world has falsely claimed that the sky-rocketing costs of drugs, diagnostics and vaccines are necessary and unavoidable. One of the medicines whose prices have gone through the roof in recent years is Insulin. Activists have challenged this dangerous narrative advocating for the affordability of lifesaving drugs, transparency in the research and development process as well as prioritization of people’s wellbeing over money.

However, pharmaceutical companies will not stop creating and spreading myths regarding the costs of development and pricing of drugs and other products used in the healthcare industry in a bid to protect their bottom line.

There are several secrets that pharma has that most people are unaware of. These secrets are;
  • Pharmaceuticals use up more money to benefit themselves than they reinvest into the companies. They claim that they need to make more profits so that they can pay for research and development as well as innovation. However, in reality, they use most of their proceeds to buy stocks and market the medicines and products that they make.
  • They bully third-world countries whenever they make policies that affect the pharma’s corporate interests negatively.
  • Extend patents numerous times to stretch monopoly
  • The pharma is not good at innovation. All they do is reproduce the same kind of medicine over and over.
  • Consumers pay twice for their medicines. This is because corporations research at university and government laboratories that taxpayers fund. They are also recipients of tax credits and various other financial incentives that are meant to protect their research investment from risk.
  • Creating and producing drugs is cheaper than they claim. Most of the time, Big Pharma includes non-research expenses in their R&D costs to exaggerate the figures.

Pharma Manipulates People

Research shows that pharmaceutical corporations have been convincing healthy people that they are sick so that they can fleece them of their hard-earned money. They do this by actively participating in sponsoring the description of diseases and promoting them to consumers and prescribers. Some researchers have dubbed this phenomenon ‘disease mongering’.

Big Pharma enjoy medicalizing normal life, hence expanding the scope of treatable diseases to widen markets for selling treatments. A good example of disease mongering is medicalizing reduced bone mass that happens when people get older. In this case, a risk factor is usually hypothesized as a disease.

With all these issues affecting the pharmaceutical industry, it is understandable that people are seeking unconventional treatments from experts like Dr. Berg.

About Dr. Berg
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Dr. Berg is a chiropractor who is 59 years old as of 2022. He specializes in intermittent fasting and healthy ketosis. He has authored several books including The New Body Type Guide. He has been a nutrition professor at Howard University. He stopped teaching a while ago and concentrates on teaching people about health through social media.

Dr. Berg holds Doctor of Chiropractic degree which he studied in Palmer College of chiropractic in the year 1988. He has a license to practice chiropractor treatment in Virginia, California. However, he does not use his license because he focuses on teaching people full-time.

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Prednisone substitute

In one of the videos in his YouTube channel titled Dr. Erick Berg DC, he teaches his audience about the best substitute for prednisone. Consuming a lot of prednisone can make you experience side effects to the extent that you could stop taking it because it is ineffective. More than 23 million prescriptions are issued every year in America. This drug is a synthetic version of cortisol which is an adrenal hormone. It is mainly prescribed to people with conditions like hives, autoimmune, inflammation, skin issues, allergies and asthma.

The side effects of this drug are adrenal atrophy, weight gain, diabetes, bone loss, cataracts and shutting of the adrenal system. According to Dr. Berg, the safe alternative for it is Vitamin D3. This is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is a steroid hormone. It gives users a healing effect at greater dosages of D3:30,000 IUs.

Natural Pain killers

In another video, he teaches about six natural pain killers. More than $635 billion are spent every year on relieving pain. People get addicted to prescription medicines and these drugs have a lot of side effects. According to Dr. Berg, these drugs only serve to treat the symptoms without really dealing with the main cause of the pain. He adds that there are three types of pain; referral pain, nerve damage and tissue damage. Referral pain is pain that is originating from another part of the body specifically the digestive system. He adds that conditions that could be referral pain are trauma pain, rheumatoid arthritis, post-surgery pain, arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia, cancer pain and chronic back pain. He says that the best natural pain killers are Fish Oil (Cod Liver Oil), Willow bark which has Salicylic acid, Vitamin D, Stinging Nettle Root, Benfotiamine and DMSO.

Keto Diet
IMAGE VIA keto22.com

Dr. Berg educates his audience about the Keto diet quite often throughout his videos. He begins one video by saying that most people claim the Keto diet does not work. He explains that it is because these people have reached a keto plateau. He asserts that people on this diet should aim to get healthy in order to lose weight and not lose weight to get healthy. He adds that if you want to find a problem, you should ask yourself- what happened just before the problem began.

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He advises his fans that, they need to pay attention to four things only when they are on a quest to get healthy which are belly shrinking, reduced hunger, boosted energy and lower carb cravings. These should be the only indicators that they are achieving their weight loss goals. He also observes that the most crucial thing that a person can do to become healthy is to use the fat in their body as fuel.

Being in Keto comes with numerous advantages such as being more efficient, suppressing appetite, increasing energy levels, better lipid profiles, lower oxidative stress, more oxygen levels and less carbon dioxide levels and tumors cannot consume it. Another advantage is reduced insulin. Insulin causes various conditions in the body such as dementia, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation and aneurisms. The best way to reduce insulin levels in your body is by doing intermittent fasting.

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In yet another YouTube video, Dr. Berg shares with his audience what to expect if you quit eating sugar for two weeks, he believes that you will enjoy several benefits if you do that. These include loss of appetite to sugars, reduced excess water and fat, reduced fatigue, reduced hunger, better-looking skin and reduced stiffness.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Dr.  Berg’s YouTube video explains why Apple Cider vinegar is an effective weight loss strategy. He says that the reason why Apple Cider vinegar is effective is not that it has as many nutrients as people think, rather, it is because it has acetic acid which works by improving your stomach’s acidity. He goes on to explain that different body parts have varying pH levels. Using acetic acid, which is very acidic, can treat conditions such as reflux where the stomach gets very alkaline.

High quantities of cortisol can lead to low acidic levels in the stomach. If you have low levels of acid in your stomach, you might exhibit the signs of Potassium or Calcium deficiency. According to Dr. Berg, Apple Cider Vinegar can help you solve this problem.

Diabetes and Blood Sugar
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Dr. Berg has also tackled the topic of diabetes and blood sugar myths on YouTube. He explains that the ideal blood sugar level is between 80-110. If it goes too high, it will result in diabetes and if it gets too low, it will result in hypoglycemia. The body breaks down everything we eat into sugar and then uses the sugar as fuel for the cells. The liver controls blood sugar when you are not eating while the pancreas controls blood sugar when you eat. He advises his viewers to take several actions for diabetes and blood sugar.

According to Dr. Berg, the liver plays a crucial role in maintaining the optimum levels of blood sugar, however, more people focus on insulin and the pancreas. He points out that we should aim to increase our livers by 20% which will take off 80% of the pressure on the pancreas. These are getting their liver healthy by eating more kale, sleeping 7-8 hours and doing rigorous exercise. Apple cider vinegar improves proteins digestion, breakdown and movement of minerals and vitamins, thyroid and immune system function.


Dr. Berg has also tackled cancer in numerous videos on his YouTube channel. In one of the videos, he says that the best way to prevent cancer is through fasting. For people who come from families where most of their relatives have had cancer before, he recommends that they eat one meal a day and fast at least 48 hours every week. They should also fast for 7 days every month. He explains that fasting helps prevent cancer because it stops MTOR which is something in our bodies that lets things grow.

It also reduces another growth factor called IGF. Another thing is autophagy which is the process in which the body recycles the old junk. Fasting is also beneficial because it helps the body generate new stem cells which means that you will be basically building a new immune system.

Fasting also reduces inflammation. Cancer usually spreads to parts of the body where there is inflammation. Also, fasting increases resistance to radiation and Chemotherapy in normal cells while making cancer cells more sensitive to these treatments. He recommends using remedies such as Lipoid Acid, Garcinia, Red Algae, Garlic, Green Tea and Cruciferous veggies such as broccoli sprouts.

Dr. Berg also says that the reason why people in the Middle East have very low rates of cancer compared to the other parts of the world despite eating a lot of sugar is that they fast, consume less alcohol, use spices when cooking and consume less amounts of tobacco. He also argues that cancer lives on sugar as well as glutamine. He adds that the Keto diet helps stop fueling cancer cells.

He says that you can reduce glutamine by doing intermittent fasting, drinking green tea and eating any type of pepper. He advises that in order to prevent cancer, you can take several steps including mixing a healthy ketogenic plan, staying away from excessive radiation, avoiding stress, eating organic and healthy as well as avoiding chemicals. 

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Indeed, Dr Berg has a lot of wisdom to share with the world. Most of the time, he recommends that people eat healthy and natural foods. He is passionate about teaching his audience how the body functions and he gives solid arguments about anything he is talking about. Therefore, it is not hard to understand why he has a cult-like following online.

His YouTube videos get around 100,000 views and hundreds of comments. He has over 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel which shows just how many people are interested in learning about alternative treatments. If you are tired of falling prey to big pharma marketing tactics, start consuming Dr. Berg’s content and increase your knowledge on how your body functions and how to best take care of it.

What is Alternative Treatment?

Alternative medicine is a phrase used to refer to any other medical treatments that people use besides mainstream or traditional therapies. It is also known as complementary or integrative medicine. In America, alternative medicines are types of medicine that are not practiced or accepted by many medical practitioners, and they usually do not have convincing scientific proof to back them like mainstream methods do.

Alternative medicine includes many different medical systems and practices from various cultures all over the world. Some forms of alternative medicine have existed for centuries while others are relatively new.

At times, treatment can begin as an alternative kind and end up becoming a mainstream medicine because of compelling evidence showing that it is effective and safe.

Definitions of the treatment approaches

Most people believe that alternative, complementary and integrative medicines are the same thing. However, they have slight differences. These are the actual definitions of these treatments.

Integrative medicine

This refers to a way of using medicine by mixing the ordinary and less ordinary treatments in a synchronized evidence-oriented method.

Complementary medicine

This refers to how conventional and non-conventional medical treatments are used to complement one another or used to add a positive effect. For example, a patient who gets constant migraines can use traditional pain drugs and practice meditation or yoga to ease their pain.

Alternative medicine

This refers to medical practices or systems that function as substitutes for orthodox medicine. For example, a person can decide to use energy healing instead of standard medicine.

Holistic medicine

This is the form of treatment that takes into consideration the health of a person as a whole instead of concentrating on a single part of the body or organ. It is a philosophy that also believes in the combination of spirit, body and mind. Some kinds of integrative, complementary, and alternative treatments can also be said to be holistic. Therefore, the word holism encompasses the wider definition of classifications of treatments and doctors who don’t operate within the structure of traditional medicine.


This ancient science was created in the late 18thC by Dr. Samuel Hahnemman who was a biologist and doctor of German descent. It is founded on the principle that states, “like cures like”. This doctor believed that the body should be treated holistically and that the correct medicine would stimulate the system and it will cure itself at the most fundamental level. He also believed that a substance is most effective when it is diluted. Thus, substances should be used in small quantities to treat illnesses in a sick person.


Nowadays, the terms ‘natural’ and ‘herbal’ are thrown around every day. People all over the world like to buy herbal tea, herbal soaps, lotions infused with herbs such as lavender and even cleaning products mixed with herbal and natural ingredients. Herbs were the first things that humanity used to cure themselves thousands of years ago.

Some of the most popular herbs in the US are Black Cohosh, Cranberry, Valerian Root, St John Wort, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, Garlic, Echinacea, and Gingko Baloba. The major worry about herbs is that they have the ability to interact with conventional medicines.

Complementary and alternative Methods (CAM)

Some people tend to classify alternative and complementary medicine together and give them the abbreviation CAM. There are different kinds of CAM. According to the national institutes of Health, they can be classified into five big categories. These are;

Whole Medicine Systems

This group encompasses the sets of practices and beliefs that function together. These systems have basically changed over many years. Examples of the most popular methods include; Naturopathic medicine which focuses on massages, diet changes, exercise and herbs,

Body-based therapies

This entails a therapist manually moving a person’s body parts for healing purposes. Examples include chiropractic treatment, reflexology and massage.

Biofield therapies

The goal of these therapies is to assist people by controlling invisible energies. These therapies include Reiki and therapeutic touch.

Biological therapies

Therapies that center on a person’s biological body use things like food and plants to cure illnesses or enhance health. Examples of these therapies are special diets or foods, botanicals (valerian root, allicin, curcumin, evening primrose oil and cannabis) as well as dietary supplements such as minerals and vitamins.

Mind-body therapies

These therapies pay attention to the relationship between the body and mind to manage or cure a condition. These include Tai chi, hypnosis, biofeedback and meditation.

No matter what type of treatment you choose to embrace, it is vital to think of the side effects, potential risks and evidence that back it. You can also ensure that the practitioner who will offer the treatment has the prerequisite skills and experience. If you can, talk to your doctor before starting alternative treatments because they come with risks.

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