Fully Vaccinated May Already Be Suffering From Jab-Induced AIDS, Gov. Data Suggests


The fully vaccinated may already be suffering from jab-induced AIDS, government data suggests

Fully Vaccinated May Already Be Suffering From Jab-Induced AIDS, Gov. Data Suggests

Natural News reports:

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The long-term effects of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are finally setting in as vaccine-caused AIDS, the latest data shows.

In the United Kingdom, government data shows that the number of “fully vaccinated” Brits may have already reached the point of no return as many of the injected are now suffering with autoimmune disease.

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The latest figures from the U.K. Health Security Agency (HAS) point to a massive increase in “cases” among the vaccinated. The unvaccinated, meanwhile, are doing mostly fine.

“As you can clearly see, despite the not-vaccinated population being forced to suffer more restrictions than the fully vaccinated population, England is very much experiencing a pandemic of the fully vaccinated, with the vaccinated over 18 population as a whole recording a shocking 1.67 million cases in January 2022, compared to just 228,750 cases among unvaccinated people over the age of 18,” reported the Daily Exposé.

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