Marsi Latimer Performs Her First “Mars Bar” Show with #EATruthRadio


Marsi Latimer Performs Her FirstMars Bar Show with #EATruthRadio

New Eternal Affairs TRUTH Radio Host Wishes Everyone a Happy Memorial Day Weekend


Professional Radio Reporter & Former TV News Anchor/Reporter, Marsi Latimer has joined the EA Truth Radio Team, bringing the current roster to 4 radio hosts/shows per week! Marsi completed her first “Mars Bar” episode this afternoon. She’s a truly, genuine Patriot who loves her God, Family and Country. It’s an honor to have her on board with us.

She’ll be doing shows every Friday at 3pm Central / 1pm Pacific on EA Truth Radio … except for next Friday, June 4th, the show may take place a little later than the scheduled time, but that is only temporary.

Thank you for joining us. Her first show is short just to introduce the listeners:

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