Prophetic Word: ‘Where Is the Zeal for My House?’


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Prophetic Word: ‘Where Is the Zeal for My House?’

Prophetic Word: ‘Where Is the Zeal for My House?’

Wanda Alger with Charisma Magazine prophesies:

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“For the zeal of Your house has consumed me, and the insults of those who insulted You fell on me” (Ps. 69:9).

What is it that stirs your soul to stand against the enemies of God? What reason do you have to raise your voice and cry for justice? Is it a mere idea that you hold dear? A just cause you uphold?

What is it that burns in your belly that would cause you to cry out for those who are being sacrificed at the altar of Baal? What does it take for you to rise up and take action against those who defy the Lord by eating their own children and drinking their own blood?

Justice has been turned back at the nation’s gate. Righteousness stands far away, and truth has stumbled in public squares, all for the love of mammon and a bloodthirsty addiction for power. The sins of this nation go far beyond immorality, lying and cheating. The iniquities that have fallen upon this land go far beyond thievery, debauchery and idolatry that are openly displayed with pompous pride.

No—the blood that has been taken and spilled on this land has been draining into the seas of the earth, and the cup of iniquity is full. The Lord’s fury has been stirred, and He has wrapped Himself in zeal as a cloak and determined to repay; wrath to His adversaries and repayment to His enemies, for it is His justice that must prevail (Isa. 59:14-19)

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