Sign The Petition: NO Mandatory Vaccines!!!


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Sign The Petition: NO Mandatory Vaccines!!!

via Ron Paul with Campaign For Liberty:


With the COVID vaccines brought to us at “warp speed” about to become available for certain members of the public, anxiety is rising over whether it will be made mandatory by governments or corporations.

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The first to float this idea very publicly have been two international airlines . . . which seems like a great way to discourage people from flying.

Americans love to travel and are just itching to get out after almost 10 months of fear and hysteria that has put our lives on hold.


Airlines have given us just the first example of this mandatory vaccination policy, causing people to fear that medical tyranny is going to run wild, even if it causes serious damage to our health.

Governors are also being asked if they will allow their health bureaucracies to mandate the vaccine or create “vaccine passports” within their states.

That answer should be an easy “No!”

Sign the postcard to demand that your governor prioritize and sign a law to protect health freedom and vaccine exemptions in your state!

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