A Well-Regulated Militia – READY – Resolute & Equipped to Face ‘The Color Revolution’


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A Well-Regulated Militia – READY – Resolute & Equipped to Face ‘The Color Revolution’

by Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PHD | Contributor | Eternal Affairs Media   

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The Next Wave of the Color Revolution is coming. Violence of the violent wave of the ‘Color Revolution,’ on the streets of America, will dwarf what we saw, over the past months. All these groups are working together to fill our streets, with violence, after election day, whether President Trump wins or loses.

There is no doubt that the Left has managed to indoctrinate our children in schools and has made them love a failed system…Socialism…that they know nothing about, except the false assumption that they can live off of other people’s money.

The main reasons for the so many willing to give up the freedom our constitution protects is because:

  1. They do not have an appreciation or knowledge of what they have in America and take it for granted and do not know that freedom is not free and thus, have no understanding of what they are throwing away.
  2. Too many Americans have no understanding that our rights are not granted to us by the constitution or by the government. Our rights are bequeathed to us by God and by God alone.

The constitution is charged to protect those God-given rights that they vainly think a government will grant them. This false assumption is due to the loss of our previously held faith in an all-powerful loving and righteous God. Have you ever noticed that we never need to teach children to be bad? It is a normal and natural behavior that they do what best suits their own juvenile best interests.

Therefore, we have a constitution to overcome the human penchant to achieve the right to power by taking people’s rights and power away. Governments never give rights because we are fallen creatures of sin. So, we protect ourselves from ourselves with law and order and not with the fabled lie of humanity’s nonexistent mercy and the fairy tale of human generosity.

Thus, America is so prepared to cheer, with raucous applause, as we commit national suicide, with great inapt fictional fanfare. Therefore, those of us, like you and like me, MUST NEVER let it transpire, and if war is required to maintain future freedom, let the first shot resound so it is heard around the world, as a testimony that we will not be ruled by the rule of tyrannical malevolent despots!

These will be the Main Activist Anti-Trump Socialist activist groups flooding our streets with violence, destruction and death:

  • The Transition Integrity Project
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Antifa
  • The Sunshine Movement
  • Refuse Fascism
  • The Lincoln Project
  • The Momentum Community
  • The Fight Back Table

The ‘Fight Back Table’ is an enterprise, with the purpose of developing a dedicated and united group of radical left-wing Democrat-Socialist organizations, together to plan the Color Revolution, with the aim of creating violence, in the streets.

The Fight Back Table has had regular meetings, with the main groups of Domestic terrorists, and with The Democrat-Socialist Party. Together, they intend to:

– create stress and massive upheaval

– to throw the election to Biden and to resist and recounts, should Biden be the uncertain winner.

If Trump is an uncertain victor:

-to have it totally cast in doubt.

If Trump wins in a Landslide:

-They will again decry the election again, as illegitimate.

The Radical Left has been funded and encouraged, by the Democrat-Socialist Party. They are preparing to create chaos and to use it as a pretext to unleash their massive waves of domestic terrorist groups, out into our streets, throughout the entire nation. They will do so in a manner that will make the riots and looting and murder, we have seen for month, look like a rehearsal, which is exactly what they have been.


IMAGE VIA truepundit.com

Our duty is to organize and prepare the Anti-Color Revolutionary Restoration Militia to stand up and not let it come to fruition. Though we are dedicated to voting for Trump to keep America Constitutional, the militant wave of the Democrat-Socialist planned ‘Color Revolution’ will still be thrust upon the American people.

If the left pours out into the streets and, as expected, seeking to start a Revolution, we, with our president, must see to it that they are put down, by whatever means is required. It demands we plan and prepare now.

Trump restored America and Trump, with his patriotic supporters of the U.S. Constitution. We will now reinforce what we were prescribed to be, as a nation, in the US Constitution. No one will survive if they commit treason against America and America’s Commander in Chief!


I want to tell you; I’m concerned about what’s going to happen, when Americans go to the polls, in just a couple days. Frankly, it is about but what will happen when Trump wins, which I pray will happen, despite the threats of violence that have been given to all American patriots. The will of the American people is king, and we must never; not now; not ever, submit to the tyranny and treason that we must face directly and defeat completely.


Have a look at this well-known American TV commentator, Keith Olbermann, talking about what he thinks should happen to President Trump and to you, if you are a supporter of President Donald Trump.

Keith Olbermann insists that Donald Trump should be put on trial for 220,000 murders and given the death penalty for each COVID 19 death. Did you hear that? Dreadfully, hundreds of thousands, like him, agree.

If we go down that road, where politicians are brought up on charges. It should be Governor Andrew Cuomo, the New York Governor, who packed nursing homes with COVID 19 patients, by executive order, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths. Yet, of course he is a darling of the radical left, and that means that issue will never even be brought up for discussion, the Socialist in the Democrat-Socialist Party.


For the radical left, they are sending Americans a very clear threat. The message from the violent, radical threat is: If you want peace and stability, do not vote for Trump or we’re coming after you.


The New York Post reported that Trump supporters will be found and recognized because we are the ones with the American flags at the front of the house. Our fellow patriots for the Constitution and President Trump have been receiving threatening letters in their mailboxes dear.


“You have been identified by our group as being a Trump supporter. Your address has been added into our database, as a target for when we attack, should Trump not concede the election. We recommend that you check your home insurance policy and make sure that it is current and has adequate cover for fire damage”


In addition, Bill Clinton’s former labor secretary and Obama administration economic advisor, Robert Reich tweeted that when the nightmare is over, they would need to set up Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, such as China forces their people into for reeducation. Such is the tactics of all Marxist and fascists, throughout the world.


Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that we Restoration Patriots, of the U.S. Constitution stand up now; engage in profound preparation of our arms, organization of forces and be fully equipped to meet their threats and ultimate violent actions with overwhelming force that will turn them back or leave them dead. There can be no political correctness, in the face of national betrayal and treason.

Democrat-Socialist hoodlums and Marxist and fascists insist on intimidating anyone who dares to voice a different view at all of what they believe. Patriots, of the Constitution, must be ready to intimidate these enemies of liberty and let them know that we are prepared and ready to fight, to our last full ounce of devotion.

We do not do so, in protest, to the constitutionally conceived government. We do so, against a government, that repudiates all the protections, of our God-given rights, protected by the U.S. Constitution.


“Hey, everybody; one of the most inspiring things about this year has been to see so many young Americans fired up; organizing, marching and fighting for change.”

That statement, just 10 days, from the presidential election, of the former president states definitively that he, and all other Democrat-socialists have fully supported the bedlam, mayhem, anarchy, death and destruction, by radical left-wing activists and murderers on the streets of America, following the death of George Floyd.


to his Black Lives Matter and Antifa and every other Anti-Trump and Anti-America troops that are ready and willing to destroy the republic. 


“Your generation can be the one that creates a new normal in America; one that’s fair, where the system treats everybody equally and gives everybody opportunity. We can come out of this moment stronger than before.”

The devil, Obama is so inspirational to his demonic forces.

President Obama is calling out young people into the streets of America to again set up CHAD zones, as was done in Seattle, but this time, all over the nation.

They will attack federal property, such as was done to the U.S. Courthouse, in Portland, and burn down Main Streets across the United States of America this time.

They will challenge any Trump victory as illegitimate; especially, if he wins the electoral college, but not the popular vote, again. As Restoration Patriots, we must organize and surround the White House to stop any attacks from the horde of left-wing radicals, from seeking to enter and forcefully remove President Donald J. Trump.

We will not be there to counter law enforcement that follows the U.S. Constitution. However, any forces that engage, with the radical-left terrorists, shall be noted and considered enemy combatants. We will protect the President of the United States of America, at all cost and, with life and limb.


Democrat-Socialist Leftists, and their mobs and thugs, will attack and identify anyone who speaks out against what they are calling for and what they are doing. Then, they will have to kill all patriots, but we are ready to put them down first.

These Democrat-Socialist allied forces of treason have declared that any Judge or official, who seeks to thwarts their Color Revolution will be a target, of their violent actions.

We as restoration Patriots, who insist upon restoring the U.S. Constitution to its rule, as the law of the land, must take action upon them first and be ready for effective offensive actions and the defensive reprisals.


Let us all remember that Donald Trump never said he would not accept defeat. He said if he is defeated and the results are clear and true, he would certainly step down. Yet, with the mail-ballots, hundreds of thousands, of which, have been discarded and thrown away and many that were printed without Donald J. Trump’s name printed on them, of course he must question any results that are not clear and determinable, just as the Democrat-Socialist will do, as well.

In fact, it is the Democrat-Socialists, who spent the last four years crying and wailing and moaning that the Trump election to the presidency was not legitimate, and that it was Hillary who really won. In fact, it was Hillary who told Joe Biden that he should not concede, under any circumstances. Do her words not mean that the Democrat-Socialists are ready to do exactly the same thing they are accusing President Donald J. Trump of?

Hillary Clinton went on to say, “because I think this is going to drag out and eventually, I do believe he (Biden) will win, if we don’t give an inch, and if we are as focused and Relentless as the other side is.”

There is no effective way of working together with the Democrat-Socialists, who want power, even at the expense the nation itself. The radical left knows that, if President Trump is given four more years, it will spell the end of their Socialist agenda. President Trump has already revolutionized the courts. They are wholly determined to never allow a second Trump Administration.

This, then, demands that we fulfill the words of our founding fathers, and in particular those of Thomas Jefferson, that he wrote, in a 1787 letter to William Stephens Smith, John Adam’s son-in-law, in which he employed the phrase of refreshing the “tree of liberty”:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

IMAGE VIA azquotes.com

Refreshing the tree of liberty, as Jefferson stated, is required, from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants to maintain a free republic. I am not sure this is what is needed, as of yet, but I am wholly persuaded that being wholly prepared to do so is of vital necessity, now.

Let us pray that it is not needed, but let us be entirely fearless to prune this tree of liberty, lest it be a tree on which, we who love the U.S. Constitution and the duly elected president won, by the will of the American people, shall all hang.

There comes a moment that traverses the line of demarcation, when those, whom we counted as comrades, have become enemy combatants. Whether we are there now is not, as of yet, distinguishable or perceptible. Nonetheless, the fact is that we can no longer, with confidence, perceive who are veritable patriots, to whom we shall entrust our posterity or who we must never assign our national destiny, who would betray their sacred national trust.

This lack of assurance that we are dealing with patriotic Americans makes it is indisputable and behooves all of us, who believe that we must protect our heritage of freedom, with our last full ounce of devotion, to be equipped, and established to use our 2nd Amendment rights, as a well-regulated militia of ‘We the People’.

For our duty, as restoration patriots, is to use our well-regulated people’s militia to ensure the security and tranquility of a free state. Whether the need of engagement, thereof, is needed, or not, is not the singular goal. It is the duty and readiness of patriots to do so, regardless of victory or defeat, if needs be, that must be our highest duty.

There are millions like you and me, who are ready to give life and limb, to know that our children and their children will have the land the American people chose, when we ratified the U.S. Constitution. If the US Republic is that land worth living and working and striving for, it is of necessity, and even to a greater degree, worth dying for.

It is palpable that the nation is in so much danger, from the domestic terrorists, known as Democrat-Socialists, and their modern-day equivalents of Hitler’s Brown–shirts, that all patriots need to begin to plan and equip for engagement, in this perilous but essential refreshing of the tree of liberty, that Jefferson stated, is required, from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants to maintain a free republic. That time has come, my American patriotic brothers and sisters.

I am wholly persuaded, as I am convinced you are, that being wholly prepared to do our due diligence, as American loyalists, that having your weapons of liberty ready, charged, and your plans of defense and offense are actions that are, even now, as I write, of vital necessity.


-Faith in God and Prayer

-American Patriots from every race, color and creed without any trace of superiority of anyone or any faith of any people.

-To reestablish the law of the land, the U.S. Constitution

-To restore America’s reason for and foundation of existence.


If Biden wins, we need to be ready to engage if actions of legislation contrary to the constitution occurs, such as

-Packing the court

-Ending the Electoral College

-Take legal or physical action against President Trump

-Forming Truth and Reconciliation Commission against Trump supporters


To counter the Color Revolution of millions of Socialist domestic terrorists, on the streets, in violence. We will need to take control of the actions and fulfill the purpose of the 2nd Amendment, as a well-regulated militia.


To the radical Left; to the hating right, to all those, who are determined to destroy the Republic because their hatred for President Donald J. trump is greater than their love for America:

The Restoration Patriots know who you are as well. Do not take violent actions. Do not fill our streets with arson and destruction and murder again. For America’s patriots have fully stood up and are prepared and equipped to destroy you, before we allow you to harm our president, to destroy our republic and kill our people.

You will face the wrath of ‘We the People’, who represent a fully and excellently equipped and regulated militia of the American people. You will face certain destruction.


To the Democrat-Socialist Party, the Radical Left; to the hating right:


You are hereby ordered to stand down, and you must let the election process take its due course because we have stood up and are armed and ready to defend our nation, our president and our Constitution.

If the Democrat-Socialists are elected and attempt to tear down the U.S. Constitutional Republic with unconstitutional laws, the same applies. We will fight! We will take you down!

Any actions of arson, murder, upheavals, of a violent nature, of any kind, will be met with the fury of Restoration Patriots, who will defend our heritage, political rights and nation to our last full ounce of devotion. We shall not stand by. We have stood up and you will be put down!


–     When letters are sent to Trump Supporters by the Radical left that read:

“You have been identified by our group as being a Trump supporter. Your address has been added into our database, as a target for when we attack, should Trump not concede the election. We recommend that you check your home insurance policy and make sure that it is current and has adequate cover for fire damage,”

–     When Barack Obama can tell the Democrat Hoodlums to fill our streets with violence again, with these words:

“Hey, everybody; one of the most inspiring things about this year has been to see so many young Americans fired up; organizing, marching and fighting for change,”

–     When former MSNBC Commentator, Keith Olbermann insists that

Donald Trump be put on trial for 220,000 murders and given the death penalty for each COVID 19 death,

–     When former Clinton Cabinet member, Robert Reich tweeted that

“When the nightmare is over, they would need to set up ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commissions’, such as is in China for reeducation camps,

–     When President Trump is being threatened to be dragged from the White House,

You can believe we will make sure the 2nd Amendment will be placed into full effect and will NOT let the Democrat-Socialists destroy our republic.


We must be everywhere; outside all polling sites to stop intimidation of voters, on election day. We have to be in every city; at every point of attack, from the Left, and we must put it down! It is our constitutional right…our constitutional duty! We must surround the White house and protect the people’s duly elected President of the United States.

If that fills the Democrat-Socialists with fear, indeed it well should. Because, we are serious, determined, prepared and equipped to put down the treasonous Democrat-Socialist ‘Color Revolution’ that we have been threatened with.

We hope the Democrat-Socialist thugs and traitors understand better now.

“And, what country can preserve its liberties, if their rulers are not warned, from time to time, that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” – Thomas Jefferson

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