A Well-Regulated Militia – READY – Resolute & Equipped to Face ‘The Color Revolution’


A Well-Regulated Militia – READY – Resolute & Equipped to Face ‘The Color Revolution’

by Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PHD | Contributor | Eternal Affairs Media   


The Next Wave of the Color Revolution is coming. Violence of the violent wave of the ‘Color Revolution,’ on the streets of America, will dwarf what we saw, over the past months. All these groups are working together to fill our streets, with violence, after election day, whether President Trump wins or loses.

There is no doubt that the Left has managed to indoctrinate our children in schools and has made them love a failed system…Socialism…that they know nothing about, except the false assumption that they can live off of other people’s money.

The main reasons for the so many willing to give up the freedom our constitution protects is because:

  1. They do not have an appreciation or knowledge of what they have in America and take it for granted and do not know that freedom is not free and thus, have no understanding of what they are throwing away.
  2. Too many Americans have no understanding that our rights are not granted to us by the constitution or by the government. Our rights are bequeathed to us by God and by God alone.

The constitution is charged to protect those God-given rights that they vainly think a government will grant them. This false assumption is due to the loss of our previously held faith in an all-powerful loving and righteous God. Have you ever noticed that we never need to teach children to be bad? It is a normal and natural behavior that they do what best suits their own juvenile best interests.

Therefore, we have a constitution to overcome the human penchant to achieve the right to power by taking people’s rights and power away. Governments never give rights because we are fallen creatures of sin. So, we protect ourselves from ourselves with law and order and not with the fabled lie of humanity’s nonexistent mercy and the fairy tale of human generosity.

Thus, America is so prepared to cheer, with raucous applause, as we commit national suicide, with great inapt fictional fanfare. Therefore, those of us, like you and like me, MUST NEVER let it transpire, and if war is required to maintain future freedom, let the first shot resound so it is heard around the world, as a testimony that we will not be ruled by the rule of tyrannical malevolent despots!

These will be the Main Activist Anti-Trump Socialist activist groups flooding our streets with violence, destruction and death:

  • The Transition Integrity Project
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Antifa
  • The Sunshine Movement
  • Refuse Fascism
  • The Lincoln Project
  • The Momentum Community
  • The Fight Back Table

The ‘Fight Back Table’ is an enterprise, with the purpose of developing a dedicated and united group of radical left-wing Democrat-Socialist organizations, together to plan the Color Revolution, with the aim of creating violence, in the streets.

The Fight Back Table has had regular meetings, with the main groups of Domestic terrorists, and with The Democrat-Socialist Party. Together, they intend to:

– create stress and massive upheaval

– to throw the election to Biden and to resist and recounts, should Biden be the uncertain winner.

If Trump is an uncertain victor:

-to have it totally cast in doubt.

If Trump wins in a Landslide:

-They will again decry the election again, as illegitimate.

The Radical Left has been funded and encouraged, by the Democrat-Socialist Party. They are preparing to create chaos and to use it as a pretext to unleash their massive waves of domestic terrorist groups, out into our streets, throughout the entire nation. They will do so in a manner that will make the riots and looting and murder, we have seen for month, look like a rehearsal, which is exactly what they have been.


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