The Consensus Is In: Food Shortages Likely Right Around The Corner


The Consensus Is In: Food Shortages Likely Right Around The Corner

Reports are coming in of mass food shortages due to a stress on the food supply chain …

WebMD reported on this yesterday, and below is a report by Patrick with CounterMarkets:

Food shortages seem imminent.

And the headlines are getting worse.

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Tyson Chairman John Tyson, patriarch of the company’s founding family, bought a full page ad in the New York Times only a week ago warning Americans that the “food supply chain is breaking.”

The great Thomas Massie sounded the food shortage alarm in early April, stating:

“We are weeks, not months, away from farmers euthanizing animals that would have been sold for meat/food. Also, fruits and vegetables are going to rot in the fields.”

The reason for both of these dire predictions?

Processing plants are closing down due to COVID-19 infections and panic.

One of the biggest pork producers in the world, Smithfield Foods, closed a plant in Illinois.

Jennie-O closed 2 plants in Minnesota.

JBS USA closed a beef production facility in Wisconsin.

Even McDonald’s has begun “controlled allocation” of sausage, bacon, and burgers. Meaning, they will only buy meat based on current demand rather than forecasted demand.


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