Actor Corey Feldman Fearing For His Life Is Set To Name Hollywood Pedophiles During Livestream Doc


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Actor Corey Feldman Fearing For His Life Is Set To Name Hollywood Pedophiles During Livestream Doc

Actor Corey Feldman to name Hollywood pedophiles during groundbreaking livestream documentary after Netflix reportedly deems the film ‘too dangerous’


Actor Corey Feldman has announced that he will be naming Hollywood pedophiles in an upcoming livestream documentary about his experience as a child actor.

Feldman will also address the alleged abuse late actor Corey Haim suffered at the hands of the same purported pedophiles.

The actor released the trailer for the documentary — (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys— on Tuesday.

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The film is set to be aired one time via livestream on March 9. Tickets go on sale on Feb. 22. Movieweb reports that Feldman said Netflix declined to distribute the film because it is “too dangerous.”

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To those skeptical about this, I understand your concerns, but still PRAY FOR COREY! regardless of your beliefs regarding HOW he’s going about getting this information to the public. regardless, IT HAS TO BE DONE! We at EA Truth Media are earnestly praying for you Corey … ultimately for your safety but also that your soul finds comfort in a Holy God after the traumatic things you’ve unfortunately experienced! God bless this film! May it go forth so that the TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL!

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