“Safer Internet Day” Aimed at Promoting Safe and Positive Use of Digital Technology


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“Safer Internet Day” Aimed at Promoting Safe and Positive Use of Digital Technology

February 11, 2020, is Safer Internet Day, a worldwide event aimed at promoting the safe and positive use of digital technology for all users, especially children and teens. This year’s theme—Together for a better internet—encourages everyone to play their part in creating a safer, more secure internet.

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Here’s a couple of resources from U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s CISA division to get you started:

Keeping Your Children Safe Online

Dealing With Cyber Bullies

Rethink Cyber Safety Rules and the “Tech Talk” With Your Teens

Please let us know in the comments section below if any of this helped you!

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Here’s an additional resource from AllConnect.com:

Six out of ten Americans are concerned about their privacy online. With that in mind, we’ve created an updated guide on ways to keep kids safe while using the internet, including:

  • Each state’s internet safety laws
  • Tips for keeping kids safe online  – both at school and at home.
  • Conversation starters for addressing online safety with your child

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Also check out:

17 Rules to Protect My Child Online – Internet Safety for Kids

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