Patriots Stand Up Against Child Predators While Mall Backs Down From Issue


Patriots Stand Up Against Child Predators While Mall Backs Down From Issue

by Curtis “Ray Biselliano” Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

Cai (Charles) Irvin explains everything in this video. He and his buddy EJ Twyman started a project called ‘GOTCHA PRED” where they catch Child Predators on the lurk, while videoing the capture!


It’s a shame that large corporations such as the Temecula Mall have to be sold out to the establishment; so far gone that even though some employees wish to do the right thing, they are still afraid to stand up against the powers that be. Policies are written to protect the establishment. Unfortunately, they don’t protect our innocent children as much & changes to those policies need to possibly be made.

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You’ll NEVER win a battle against a True Patriot standing up for LOVE & LIGHT which is the essence of the beautiful children God created; all things pure, innocent and good! By siding with Evil, you have SEALED YOURSELF in THE FINAL CHAPTER of THE HOLY TEXT, going down on the opposite side of Light!

For some time now, we’ve been dealing with Globalist, Satanic, Pedophile, Human-trafficking rings, and President Trump is at the cusp of taking them down with the assistance of The Military as well as courageous Patriots like Cai Irvin and his Sidekick, EJ Twyman who are doing their part!

This is WHY “the establishment” hates President Trump so much. This is WHY The Devil hates Christians everywhere.

This HAS BEEN The Great Awakening! NOW, It has become The Great Step Taking! … as in its time to get down & get dirty! It’s time to TAKE ACTION … It’s time to make a difference! Cai and EJ are leading the way for us and they have my utmost respect.

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There are MILLIONS MORE DIGITAL SOLDIERS that fight on the frontlines of the infowar daily. They have a YUGE part to play into all of this. For example, they are the ones who picked up the phone & called this shameful mall and expressed how they felt today.

That takes GUTS … more than many brainwashed people are willing to do these days, so I give y’all major props. Well Done, Patriots!

As for “Gotcha Pred”, it appears that the journey is only just starting …

… and as for America, We have some good & bad days ahead, but GOOD WINS! IT IS WRITTEN.

As a Nation we will come together as we always have to fight off these evil globalists and regain our liberties once more. However, Don’t underestimate your enemy … these Evil, Sick & Rotten To The Core, People who are controlled by Demons; many who have sold out to Satan himself.

Satan knows his time is short so he’s prowling around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour!
They are this country’s future!!!

Check out the latest from “Gotcha Predator” on Youtube Here!

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