BREAKING: CDC Issues Yet Another Warning Not to Eat Romaine Lettuce


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BREAKING: CDC Issues Yet Another Warning Not to Eat Romaine Lettuce‘s Rachael Rettner reports:

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U.S. officials are warning Americans not to eat romaine lettuce from Salinas, California.

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Romaine lettuce from this growing region has been linked with an outbreak of E. coli that has sickened 40 people in 16 states. Of these, 28 people have been hospitalized and five have developed a serious kidney condition called hemolytic uremic syndrome. No deaths have been linked with the outbreak so far.

Most romaine lettuce products should have a label showing where they are grown. If people have purchased romaine lettuce that says “Salinas” on the label, they should not eat it and should throw it away, the CDC said. If the lettuce doesn’t have a label, you should not eat the product.

Also reported by Forbes & FOX News … You can Read More at Live Science!

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