VIRAL: Young Virginia Social Worker Fired For Having Concealed Carry Permit – NOT GUN!

VIRAL: Young Virginia Social Worker Fired For Having Concealed Carry Permit – NOT GUN!




A young Virginia woman’s story is going viral over the weekend after she claims she was fired from her job as a social worker for simply possessing a permit to carry concealed weapons.

The woman claims that at the time of her termination, she wasn’t carrying a weapon.
What happened?

Storm Durham, who was until Friday a social worker for the city of Roanoke, posted on social media that she was fired from her job for being a legal concealed carry permittee and was escorted out of her workplace by three police officers upon learning of her termination because, as she claimed, she was deemed a “safety risk.” At the time, Durham said she was not in possession of a firearm.

I was fired today. From Roanoke City Social Services, serving as a damn good social worker. I was fired for having a concealed carry permit. Not the gun, the permit. I was escorted by 3 city police officers bc I am a “safety risk to the building”

— Storm Durham (@chelstorrm) March 10, 2018

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Patriotic Viral News continues the report:

The American left has gone truly batty in recent years when it comes to firearms. A Virginia woman was fired from her job with the state’s Child Protective Services agency when her higher-ups found out that she has a concealed carry permit.

Storm Durham says she was declared a “workplace safety hazard” and a threat, simply because she is licensed to carry a concealed firearm. Ms. Durham didn’t make any threats around the workplace. She didn’t accidentally discharge the gun in the office break room. In fact, she says she has never even taken her sidearm into the building.

That didn’t matter to the career bureaucrats when they found out she was a gun owner and it was pink-slip time for her! One thing we do not know is how her employer discovered that she has a concealed carry permit. Ms. Durham had worked at CPS for almost a year when she was suddenly fired without warning. This just goes to show that you have to be careful about who you discuss the free exercise of your constitutional rights with (Hint: Never tell liberal co-workers or bosses that you are a gun owner or a concealed carry holder!)

You can hear Ms. Durham’s story in her own words in the video clip below, where you can easily see what a “workplace safety hazard” she is! Plus, you won’t believe how many big, burly police officers were sent to her workplace just to escort her out of the building.

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