CISPA Passed Legislation – Your Internet Privacy is Gone Unless …



A new friend in the #REVOLUTION for American Liberty shared an eye-opening article with me in regards to the newly passed legislation: CISPA! Most likely you haven’t heard of it, but you may have. Its PIVOTAL to YOUR internet privacy that you check it out though. It can be scary if you don’t remain steadfast to God’s principles & continue to pray for our nation’s leaders. But with all that aside, check out what it is NOW:

Fast forward to today: a bill has been passed by the House known as CISPA, with a focus not on intellectual property but privacy. The bill would effectively nullify privacy policies and allow the government to seize user information without a warrant.

Read More on Yahoo Voices – IMPORTANT NEWS ALERT!

*more coming on this topic soon such as ways to protect yourself from government intrusion*

Read More on Yahoo Voices – IMPORTANT NEWS ALERT!

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