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Control and Censorship and Why the TikTok Ban is So Dangerous


The TikTok Ban Is a Trojan Horse for More Big Tech Censorship

The Expose reports:

IMAGE VIA thewashingtonstandard.com

Lawmakers have passed a bill that would ban TikTok if Chinese owner Bytedance doesn’t sell its stake in the app. The U.S.’ moves against TikTok, which are yet to be signed off by the Senate, reflect widespread fears that the app represents a security risk to the West by allegedly giving Beijing access to citizens’ data as well as the potential to conduct influence operations. TikTok strongly rejects those accusations, pointing to considerable action it has taken through “Project Texas” to address U.S. national security concerns.Source. “The so-called “Tik Tok ban” is actually a Trojan Horse that could allow the President to ban any website or app merely by asserting that it is “controlled or guided” by a foreign adversary.” said Robert Kennedy Jr.

Censorship is the tool of the dictator, yet we are witnessing everyday people working voluntarily on their behalf. What a mad world we are living in!

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