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Though The World Unites Against Christ – His Word Prevails


“This know ALSO, that in the last days, perilous times shall come”

Though The World Unites Against Christ

by theburningbushboy | Contributing Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

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Living the Christian faith is fast becoming challenging in a world that is evolving with more government policies, societal trends, and individual rights that are directed at making the person of Christ and all that He stands for irrelevant.

The level of intolerance against Christ, as now being boldly displayed against the teachings of the Bible, is highly worrisome. This is despite the Bible having done all to prepare our minds for such occurrences as we now have them.

The heathens rage, becoming more furious at the principles of Christ. The people of the world are constantly imagining and executing vain things. It’s unthinkable what they will come up with next in the entertainment world as an example of the many social re-engineering going on across phases of our world.

The kings and rulers of the earth are, either openly or discreetly, taking counsel together, conniving to rubbish, defile, and bury the Christian tenets upon which many of their nations were founded. Did the Bible, itself the CONSTITUTION, not give birth to the first copies of the constitution of many of these nations, particularly in the West?

Now, with serial amendments by our lawmakers, sometimes encouraged by the weaknesses of individuals desiring to go their own ways, values that once stood us out and beliefs that truly gave our world a definite shape, are daily being rewritten. What a pity to see the creation editing and disregarding the principles of living handed over to us by the Author and Finisher of our faith.

The world keeps arguing in support of human rights until all is now wrong. We keep telling ourselves we need freedom; a burning desire to be free from the ‘bands’ and ‘cords’ of God, until the human race is now beginning to appear doomed. Sadly, our freedom is earning us free doom. We are now left with a world lost to lust.

What shall we say of the persecution we face as Christians at our places of work, schools, and within the general society for insisting on being sexually straight? Why should the powers that be continue to provide means for people to query their sex in confusion? Why should Christians be stopped from insisting on their understanding of a male and female as created by God in the beginning? Has God given our world over to uncleanness and reprobate minds? (Rom.1: 24, 28)

“So truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey…” Isa. 59:15

The world is becoming so intolerant of God that you risk becoming prey should you determine to stand different from the new norms. Try departing from the evil of the day and watch all hell loosed on you by so-called human activists.

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Dare to bring up your children in the fear and teachings of the Lord and see the government enforcing their compromised parenting style on you. Amazing how the things of God irritate them!

When preaching the truth in public places is not tolerated, yet inordinate acts can go on in these same public places, you wonder why the intense outburst against the LORD and His anointed. Why is the world raging against Christ? Why are world leaders so annoyed with Christ and doing so much to make all bow in worship to their new social order; one that is void of God?

Are there more questions than answers? Well, rest comes to mind when you have the Word of God supplying the answers.

“This know ALSO, that in the last days, perilous times shall come,” says Paul to Timothy in 2 Timothy 3:1.

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While it is alright to admit you know many things, Paul is here bringing up an additional required knowledge. You need to ALSO know (in addition to all that you know), that the last days shall be filled with perilous times.

There are more difficult times, situations, and new developments that will come up within the last days. Just as a war is made up of many battles, so shall the war of the last days be made of many perilous battles. Have we, therefore, seen enough of the contradictions against the Word? I doubt!

The truth is that Christians shall yet be exposed to much more direct or indirect compromising developments that will further test or stretch our faith.  Whoever chooses to demonstrate his love for Christ by obeying His Word should get ready to be painted as inferior in the light of a confused world painting itself as superior.

Beloved, the heat against the gospel will become more intense as the last days continue to unfold. Already playing out in strong contentions are more perilous situations.

Men shall continue to love themselves rather than grow to love God. They shall continue to get involved in practices that are not convenient, just as they keep forcing themselves to believe there is no God. As they become more hateful of Him, we expect they shall transfer their hatred and aggression to God’s children.

However, in all of these, we are hopeful. We sing in tribulation and persecution because our LORD, according to Psalm 2, sits in heaven laughing. He laughs at the unimaginable actions of the world against His Word. The LORD shall hold nations against His Lordship in derision. 

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Like King Nebuchadnezzar, we see constitutional furnaces being formulated to scare us into bowing in worship to their graven images and Babylonian ideologies. However, in all, we stand, keeping straight faces like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Our resolve to continue with our uncompromised walk of faith stands.

With Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, at hand, we’ll continue to lift the banner of the Word to guide a lost world. I, therefore, say as a matter of urgency and concern that this is not the time to distance yourself from the genuine study of the Word of God. Remember that the saints shall be deceived with lies so close to the truth we believe.

Nevertheless, the more the governments of the earth jointly push against the voice of God, the more God’s remnants shall burst out singing. While the battle against faith gets fiercer, we ask for more grace to keep faith in a world whose fate is already decided.

The LORD, on whose shoulder governments rest, will continue to shine His light through us amid a dark world. We shall remain steadfast to our service of love – preaching for the redemption of souls. 

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Finally, the King of kings has this to say:

“Be wise now, therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry…” Psa. 2:10-12 KJV


  • burningbushboy

    Moses Ayodeji Solanke is a Journalist with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) and God's Royal Scribe tasked with social and Christian writing engagements.  As a developer of Christ's Kingdom, he believes in Solutions Evangelism which preaches the Gospel with a touch of Service to God and Humanity.  He desires to witness the social relevance of Christianity through the reintegration of Christians into social systems.   Moses Ayodeji SOLANKE writes under the pen name, theburningbushboy. Read more from him at www.theburningbushboy.wordpress.com

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