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“Trumped Up Charges” … Irony of That Phrase! & The Little Soros Prosecutor Who Bragged, “I think I can, I think I can” …


The New World Order Made a BIG MISTAKE Taking on We The People “aka” MAGA

Trump Indictment Truth … The Little Soros Prosecutor Who Bragged, “I think I can, I think I can”

It Will Backfire Miserably

by H. Michael Sweeney | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media


The legally Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) insane Democrat Machine in New York is trying to drive a stake into the heart of America, doing so in the guise of a ‘simple’ criminal indictment against President Donald Trump. But it is anything but simple. Not only is it convolutedly complex, it is also legally so entangled amid ludicrous positions, as to make a Kangaroo Court look like wise King Solomon justice. We thank Soros backed Manhattan Prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, for this, a man who is otherwise openly criticized by almost everyone as being too soft on criminals, is now seeking Bragging rights, to finally ‘get Trump,’ apparently an obsession since Hillary Clinton lost to Trump. There’s got to be a Clinton I.O.U. in there, somewhere.

I spent the day listening to four hours of interviews with Constitutional lawyers, Judges, Law Professors, media political analysts, and a long list of angry citizens, not one of which, not even the few Democrats among them, saying anything much different than you will find, herein. In fact, more than one Democrat said it was nothing approaching justice, one adding, “No matter what, I will now be voting for whomever the Republican’s nominate, because Democrats are off the rails.” This is the first question asked myself: Why risk that kind of blowback?

But if you listen to Leftist media, they happily pet their Unicorn as they paint it all in terms as if it is a logical and badly needed thing, emphasizing how criminal a Felony has been committed, when, wishful thinking and Fairy dust aside, it is only a Felony by convoluted chain-link reasoning. But each link in Braggs chain of confused pronouns, is a huge ‘what if’ mix of questionable assumptions full of safe-space holes.

Not one of the links are felonies, on their own, but by the proper legal witchcraft of their mixing, are said to ‘usefully create one.’ None of them should ever see or hear a firecracker gavel smackdown, for even if there was a crime of any kind, the Statute of Limitations has already run out. Worse, if by some legal VooDoo, there has been a Felony, it would stem from a Federal Law, requiring a Federal Prosecutor; Bragg has no such jurisdiction. Another big Why, then?

Yes, media paints it in simple terms, but because it isn’t really, you will need to read the resulting long sentence very slowly, as I insert the (complexities): The indictment they describe is for a Campaign donation violation (but that is a Federal matter: NY has no jurisdiction if there really was a violation) based on hush money (actually, a lawful non disclosure agreement because of an attempt to shake Trump down) to Stormy Daniels over alleged (the shakedown attempt) sexual relations (no crime, there, even if true) with Trump (who also says it did not happen), arranged through Trumps ‘Fixer’ (they like using shaded words like that, in this case trying to paint a criminally shady character, who was actually a prominent and duly appointed attorney for President Trump)… who also says it didn’t happen based on the vagaries provide by Stormy’s corrupt lawyer, himself indicted for going for bigger fish, blackmailing Nike.

That’s not the end of the complexity. The remainder is so convoluted, that it would be hopeless for me to attempt to explain it. This is because it seems each key element tends to have more than one possible situational detail variations for which we are not privy as to which applies, and yet for each, there is also yet another reason it still is not prosecutable. This accounts for roughly two hours of the explanations I listened to, on radio. At no point, did any of the experts think any combination could hold water in court. So, Why, yet again?

Then there is the matter of the indictment process, itself. It is said, and I have seen it exampled (after a manner), that a good prosecutor can get a Grand Jury to indict a Ham Sandwich. It is almost literally true. I’ve been a witness, and have interviewed people empaneled in a Grand Jury, and my own attorney was a County Prosecutor who teaches Law, also interviewed. He said that Grand Juries are often a political tool, as much as a stepping stone to Justice, which does not necessarily mean going to trial. It is often intended to be the big stick carried to convey the softly voiced suggestion to plea to a lesser charge.

To achieve this, the Jurors are sworn to secrecy, and are not informed as to any Juror rights, such as the ability to ask for a specific question to be asked. They will only hear what the prosecutor wants them to hear; there is not one word of defense, no cross examination. Any witnesses must answer all questions directly, or refuse to answer any, at all. A prosecutor may actually want the refusal, for it implies something is being hidden and casts a darker light on the matter. A wise prosecutor ensures any answers which are given, are always yes or no answers… no background information or witness presumptions as to actual meaning, or other coloring added.


Note: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, either as a Juror, or as someone facing a Juror: always demand a Fully Informed Jury.

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The real value of an indictment often has nothing to do with the charges cited, but much like FBI interview tactics, it is a tactical ploy to put the defendant in a situation where they will trap themselves in a lie which can be prosecuted, or to get them to plead guilty to a lesser charge to let drop some greater ‘Trumped up’ charge. Ask any of the several Republicans Biden’s weaponized FBI has charged with lying, when they couldn’t convict them on anything real, starting with Michael Flynn.

This may be why there are 30 individual charges in the indictment: 30 questionable links, among which Bragg likely hopes, will stand a chance of causing Trump to falter, misstep, perhaps say something which can be said is a ‘lie.’ If just one thing he says can be questioned in that light, then much of his testimony would be easier to challenge. And if you think about it, this is like rape charges: it is a she-said, he-said situation. If he looks like a liar, she wins, and vice-versa.

The sum of the above is the ‘best face’ the experts on radio were able to put on it. Some used harsher descriptives, like “Color of Law violation,” “Violation of civil rights,” “Abuse of power,” “Criminal Conspiracy,” “Leveraging a local political axe into Interference with a national election,” and “Trying to incite violence or start a revolution.” And THAT brings us to the heart of the matter, does it not?

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Note: Being in the habit of trying to find Scripture which fits the thing I am writing about, I found this topic difficult to mate with scripture, for all of the obvious key components of the story, where present in the Bible, relate clearly to Christ or some additional matter as the relevance. Trump is not Christ, he is a simple sinner just like me, who happens to be perhaps a better person with better skills than I, especially those making him a good leader. And, really, it is not about Trump at all — but about the radical Left power addicts… ever moral posturing authoritarians completely devoid of actual morals. And I found the perfect verse which rather describes today’s radical left, with their hateful, destructive, criminal, and immoral traits worn on their sleeves as if virtue… and at the same time, describes in many ways what we are discussing of them, here. I found this the best place to offer it to you:

Romans 1:27~32 (KJV) 27And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. 28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; 29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, 30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: 32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

Everyone, including mainstream Leftists, are happy to admit that this is the first time a President has ever been charged with a serious crime. They are happy only because of TDS. No intelligent person not suffering TDS should think it good, in any way, shape, or form. President Grant is as close as we have to an exception, once arrested over a speeding ticket. It meant nothing, and hardly made the news.

There are reasons this is not done. First and foremost, but often last mentioned, is that being the highest Office in the Land, no one in their right mind would wish to sully the office itself with such a black eye. This is why we have Impeachment. Only a charge as serious as murder or treason should ever be prosecuted, most agree. Then Why?

It is at this point that I am moved to pause in sidebar: I remember the scene in Gandhi (1982, Ben Kingsley) where the Crown is attempting to try Gandi for, as I recall it, ‘disturbing the peace,’ for his truly peaceful demonstration against British oppression of native Indians. The real trail would be remembered by Historians as, The Great Trial of 1922. I remember the Judge’s look of dismay at the crowded courtroom of Gandhi supporters, as if he feared for his life. So, in findig Gandhi guilty, which he was politically forced to do, he offered to reduced the sentence from mandatory jail time, to a fine. Ghandi refused to pay a fine, giving eloquent reasons as yet another tyranny.

This is so much like what any trial of Trump will seem like, here in America, and not just because Gandhi was a kind of de facto leader of India, politically, at the time. In the end, the Judge had to dismiss him with a warning, “… that you are playing with fire,” for which Gandhi again shamed him by rejection, politely admitting it true that he “had been playing with fire,” and would do so again, “as a duty to my people.” This seems rather like the Donald Trump which is at least projected in the public image within the Zeitgeist.

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Continuing about reasons why we don’t prosecute Presidents, the next reason is simple political wisdom: once you open that door, anyone can use it. You indict and prosecute Trump, guess what is the potential future for Obama, Clinton, and Biden, when Republicans hold the power? As much as this writer thinks they deserve jail or worse, I must acknowledge it a terrible idea: America is already far too divided. And that brings us to the worst possibility… the one I think the Democrats are banking on. And, I think, it answers all those Why questions.

It is a dangerous thing to do in today’s political environment, because it can dramatically widen the split between Left and Right, to the point of violence. And, like J-6, this writer believes they are already organizing the agent provocateurs, and false-flag MAGA supporters who will likely commit terrible violence as ‘Trump supporters,’ likely to include the use of firearms, and perhaps suitably deadly to justify nationwide Martial Law, and even door-to-door gun confiscation by the U.S. military (or, Heaven Forbid, United Nations ‘Peace Keeping’ Forces), giving Biden a chance to use all those UN vehicles stockpiled in warehouses across the country. Those were put there under Obama, it seems, and it is telling, perhaps, that the U.N. has denied ever ordering any U.S. made vehicles, or having any on American Soil.

Trump is not Gandhi, and his supporters are not limited to unarmed peasants who only know how to till the land and do what they are told. It could get tense, though I would advise that Gandhi’s peaceful solutions were extremely effective, despite their extremely slow pace. The fact remains: a prolonged conflict or Martial Law situation could end up in the cancelling of elections, altogether. This buys time, and if there is anything that a Leftist government is good at with extra time away from elections, it is vanishing any political opponents who are truly a risk to continuance in power. But even if nothing of the sort happens, any actual Felony charges brought against Trump, if the trial were delayed, would likely result in law suits to keep him off of the Ballot in the Primaries, and of course, any Felony conviction would do the same. This is the strategy I fear we face.

It is a desperate ploy called into play only because the Democrats have repeatedly failed in all their efforts to nail Trump to a cross with their little farces.

If it plays out this way, my hunch is, that unless the Military intervened on the side of true Constitutional Justice (and this is a Constitutional crisis in the making), those taking to the streets might had better hope everyone who values the Constitutional Republic given us by our Founding Fathers, would join them in any resulting and ongoing conflict, because the military would otherwise make short work of smaller protest groups. America remains a Constitutional Republic only if we can keep it (apologies to Ben Franklin, who said much the same)… the very reason for the 2nd Amendment.

This would create large numbers of martyrs, and THAT is what would likely spark true nationwide unrest, perhaps even Revolution 2.O, because unless there was such a large-scale, unified response, we will no longer have a true Republic, but a monopolistic one-party Mob Rule: a ’Democratic Democracy’ run by the extreme Left: authoritarianism, aka fascism, aka communism, all eager to join the New World Order one-World government.

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So now, then, comes the same old advice I’ve been giving since the stolen election: become a Prepper, partake of the 2nd Amendment, and stock up of ammo. It could be a long, hot Summer.


  • H. Michael Sweeney

    H. Michael Sweeney is a retired privacy/security consultant who specialized in and has worked with some 12,000 stalking victims over several years. He is author of 9 books, 3 relating to privacy/security how-to helps, and 5 relating to crimes of the New World Order and America’s dark bumps in the night. Currently, he continues to offer help to the 12,000,000 stalking victims out there by operating the Free Will Society, through which he can be reached directly by email or phone: freewillsociety.wordpress.com.  Because at least three of his books have been book vanished by CIA and others in Europe, they are currently only available as ebooks, direct. 100% of sales of his books (pay what you think it is worth) go directly to fund the Society, where he draws no salary, and offers a FREE Helps Kit to victims on request.

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