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Border & Trafficking Update 11-20-2023 w/ Butterfly of Veterans on Patrol ~ EA Truth Radio


Patriots Putting a STOP to Child Trafficking on The Arizona Border

IMAGE VIA theborderchronicle.com

Butterfly with (VOP) Veterans on Patrol joins us on #EATruthRadio for another exclusive interview. It’s always a huge blessing to have Butterfly on the podcast.

Our EA Truth Radio Host, Andrew “Andy” Shecktor conducted this 4th followup with Butterfly of VOP on November 20, 2023. 

You can also refer to our website for previous interviews with Lewis Arthur of VOP, as well as Sgt. Holloman.

Our children are the future generation, and their lives are valuable. Let’s protect them & fight for them. 

Listen To This Interview Today and Get In Touch With VOP to Help Out

Follow (VOP) Veterans on Patrol on Telegram:




You can contact BUTTERFLY for any reason especially if it’s regarding someone in need of assistance:

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