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Governor Signs Bill Letting State Keep Kids From Parents For Secret Abortions & Sex Changes


Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Signs Bill Letting State Keep Kids From Their Parents for Secret Abortions

Governor Signs Bill Letting State Keep Kids From Parents For Secret Abortions & Sex Changes

Micaiah Bilger with LifeNews reports:


Ignoring massive public opposition, Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee signed a radical bill Tuesday to allow shelters to hide runaway children from their parents without any allegations of abuse and allow them to have taxpayer-funded, elective abortions and sex-change treatments.

The Post Millennial reports nearly 4,700 people signed up to oppose state Senate Bill 5599 during a Senate hearing in February. Parents also organized protests at the state capitol in Olympia, and Republican lawmakers unanimously opposed the bill, according to CBN.

The bill, sponsored by state Sen. Marko Liias, D-Edmonds, passed the Democrat-controlled state legislature anyway, and Inslee signed it in a small ceremony Tuesday.

Scheduled to go into effect in July, the legislation allows runaway children as young as 13 to stay in licensed youth shelters without their parents’ knowledge – even if there are no signs of abuse. Until now, state law required shelters to notify parents within 72 hours, My Northwest reports. Shelters also can help minors get taxpayer-funded abortions and sex-change hormones and surgeries without telling their parents.

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