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In Ohio Train Wreck, Like Covid Response, Government Trust is Absent

East Palestine, Ohio Chemical Spill via Train Wreck

3,500 dead fish among 12 different species are known to have perished & Biden appointee Pete Buttigieg in charge of the Department of Transportation has not even mentioned the event outside of a single Tweet

In Ohio Train Wreck, Like Covid Response, Government Trust is Absent

by H. Michael Sweeney | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

IMAGE VIA opindia.com

This article contains very troubling details for some reason left out, elsewhere, either because they think you too dumb to understand technical data, or to hide the truth. It also examines the topic from entirely new perspectives which help to focus on the real concerns others have elected to ignore or simply gloss over.

As implied by the title, any honest look at the COVID debacle will reveal it was a maze of falsehoods.  There was false data at every turn, in order to feed a politically useful narrative. The number of deaths and hospitalizations were false, the tests gave false positives, vaccine test data was false, the reliability statements were false, the effectiveness claims were false, the mask statements were false, the shutdown was pointless, the vaccines pointless, the harm done to kids kept out of school pointless, and on and on. Now comes Ohio’s Palestine train wreck fiasco, similarly following COVID’s suspect information and management stratagem, it would seem.

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And yet Palestine itself is merely a the latest environmental blow to Ohio, as it comes on the heels a massive environmental disaster to the water system from fracking operations in Pennsylvania, a problem which came to a head in 2020. That, too, was another matter of considerable false data, cover up, and false assurances from government, corporations, and other authorities. Fracking contamination has indeed spread well into Ohio, according to Kelly-Ferraro, LLC, a law firm. Were that not enough, Ohio residents have been long aware of the ongoing lies and cover up of water contamination along the Ohio River by DuPont’s Teflon plant in Parkersburg, WV, allowed unchecked by government authorities since 1960, for 40 years. This is the basis of the film, Dark Waters (2019), a legal thriller akin to The Pelican Brief or Erin Brokovich. But Palestine’s situation is much more frightening, and threatening, in part because of reasons for distrust.

Romans 16:18 (KJV) “For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.”

The Scary Things in Palestine, Ohio…

East Palestine, Ohio Chemical Spill via Train Wreck
A black plume rises over East Palestine, Ohio, as a result of a controlled detonation of a portion of the derailed Norfolk and Southern trains Monday, Feb. 6, 2023. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

  • Four different tributaries of the Ohio were directly contaminated by the event;
  • 3,500 dead fish among 12 different species are known to have perished. Because the chemicals involved are soluble in water, those number may not grow much larger in the short term. No one knows the harm done long-term, due damaged health to fish that did not die, which may impact future generations. No one knows if it will be safe to eat such fish, either by people, or other creatures;
  • Foxes and Chickens in some farms up to ten miles distant have suffered up to a 100% die off, overnight, larger farm animals clearly sickened;
  • 4,500 residents evacuated, some 500 remaining residents in outlying areas excluded;
  • Vinyl Chloride: a flammable gas with significant fire and explosive potential, stored as a liquid in pressurized double-walled tanks. Signifiant fire and explosive potential with a flash point of -78° F. To 500 ppm is considered safe, and it has a deceptively pleasant odor as a gas. Health hazard significant if inhaled, less so on contact or ingestion, dizziness, nausea, visual impairment, headache, ataxia transpire at 4000 ppm levels. At 12000 ppm or greater, cardiac arrhythmia and fatal respiratory failure or long term breathing difficulties can result. As a carcinogen, it can cause lung, brain, and lymphatic tumors. It is also a mutagen able to alter chromosomal structure. The train carried 1.1M lbs of the liquid, double the amount of all accidental releases in the United States in a year, combined;
  • Phosgene: an organic toxin compound normally in a colorless gaseous state which smells of freshly cut hay or grass (a WWI chemical weapon responsible for 85,000 deaths), which is deadly at 1/4th the ppm at which it can be smelled (.4 ppm). Cardiovascular and respiratory health effects are not immediate, and often undetected until untreatable, and where not fatal, are lingering and debilitating. Contact with water produces toxic Hydrogen Chloride (below) and potentially dangerous Carbon Dioxide, if abundantly present. It is not flammable. Normally shipped in cylinders as a liquid under pressure. While not flammable, tanks can rupture under sufficient heat or impact.
  • Benzene: a highly flammable liquid component of gasoline, primarily responsible for the odor of gasoline.
  • Hydrogen Chloride: a pungent, sharp, burning gas (visible white mist), leathal on inhalation at 1300 ppm, also shipped as a liquid under pressure in double-walled tank cars. It is not flammable, but highly to corrosive to many metals, forming flammable hydrogen gas. On contact with water, it forms hydrochloric acid, and the reaction can be explosively violent. By this property, it kills or causes long-term health problems in Man and animals if inhaled because of water in bodily tissues. It can cause burns of the skin or eyes. If absorbed into the ground, rain water will effect the reaction, with a wide variety of undesired effects depending on soil content.
  • Thylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether (Butyl Glycol): a relatively safe-to-handle liquid which can be consumed by fire, with a flash point of 153° F. Because it has broad health effects in animals, it is deemed safe inhalation of 25 ppm. It has wide applications including food additives, and would not seem to be a serious threat in Palestine.
  • Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether (Butoxyethanol): an organic compound commonly used as a solvent, a colorless liquid with a sweet, ether like odor. It’s vapors are deemed unsafe for inhalation at 20 ppm over a workday’s exposure period, which is 50 times higher than the smell threshold. It is quite like the Thylene varient described above, and there is a chance that only one of the two chemicals were actually present at Palestine, as only one news source lists it (in the U.K.).
  • Ethylhexyl Acrylate: a colorless liquid with a pleasant odor, which is highly reactive to light and temperature, and strong oxidants. It can form explosive mixtures with air at 180° F, and because of it’s reactive nature, contact with a wide variety of chemicals or compounds can alter its properties to include forming toxic polymers. As a threat in Palestine, it would seem to be a chemical wild-card.
  • Isobutylene: a highly flammable gas stored also stored and shipped as a liquid under pressure, it can autoignite at 738° F.
  • Special Concern: potential environmental and health threats increase dramatically if contaminated soils are not properly and fully cleaned before rain falls. Thus far, no such cleanup efforts have been undertaken, all efforts thus far initiated having been described as improperly done, as cited in the next section.
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Jerimiah 27:13 (KJV) speaking to the evils of Babylon “Why will ye die, thou and thy people, by the sweord, by the famine, and by the pestilence, as the LORD hath spoken against the nation that will not serve the king of Babylon.” Have we recently, as a nation, perhaps become as Babylon?

The Reasons for Distrust…

IMAGE VIA cleveland19.com

Shades of COVID, State, Federal, and even local authorities have not been the most forthcoming, as revealed by the fact that some of the most troubling matters have been revealed by the actions of local media and individuals, as indicated below by asterisks.

  • Biden appointee Pete Buttigieg in charge of the Department of Transportation has not even mentioned the event outside of a single Tweet (after being called out for his silence), much less taken any action. FEMA has not responded. The EPA did not send anyone to the site until the day I write this (16th), and the only action taken, was to suggest the CDC get involved (radio report), and the sending of a notice of liability (Duh!) to Norfolk Southern Railway. Only the NTSB has paid much attention, but their only concern is cause investigation and analysis, a matter typically taking the bulk of a year or more**;
  • The Ohio EPA, on the other hand, announced on the 14th that contamination is entirely contained, despite that no true cleanup has been undertaken, and residents’ experiences of the environment are in stark contrast to the claim. In like manner, likely depending on Ohio EPA’s assessment, the Governor announced safe contamination levels;
  • Contaminated soil was merely covered up without pretesting* to determine future threats to the water table. Six key questions remain unanswered by officials.
  • Three new chemicals not previously reported* involve have been discovered present by a Hazmet specialist at the site, Sil Caggliano, who has publicly stated “We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open.” They are the last three cited in the above section, but not made public until a week after the event.
  • The controlled burn decision has become controversial, the excuse for doing so being that it prevented possible explosions, but criticized because it resulted in explosions of more dangerous chemicals (Phosgene).
  • Despite all the unanswered questions and lack of full disclosure, and the carnage among wildlife, evacuated residents were told they could return to their homes just two days after the even. Caggliano highlighted the concern in a local media interview*, “I was surprised when they quickly told the people they can go back home, but then said if they feel like they want their homes tested they can have them tested. I would’ve far rather they did all the testing.”
  • A reporter was ordered to cease live reporting and subsequently arrested* for failing to do so by a Major General of the Ohio National Guard.
  • Frustrated with a lack of information as to the true threat levels, the present quality of drinking water (conflicting signals, saying it is safe, but bottled water is advised), and breathability of the air (horrendous odors, discoloring), wherein it is reported that particulates from all the chemical compounds involved remain in the air. Many residents have left Palestine, and more are considering to leave, others fearing to leave their homes if not among the evacuated, or fearing to return if having been evacuated, now that they have been told ‘it is now safe.’
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** Do not get me started on NTSB’s record when it comes to cover ups and lies in their official findings. If you do, ask about Flights 553, and 800, for starters. There are more, after that.

IMAGE VIA zerohedge.com

In summary, the conspiracy theorists who see everything a plot have that much more ammo to add to their armory. Government creates such opportunities by the absence of their own proper participation, making them the true de facto authors, thereof. While I can see reasons for suspicion in this instance, I judge it more likely incompetence and indifference at play, with the possibility of intentional harms at least worth putting on the table for discussion.

For now, though, prayers for healing and improved safety for those afflicted, is the order of the day. If you want to press the conspiracy question further, I suggest you first look for proof of an NTSB cover up; they are terrible at it.


  • H. Michael Sweeney

    H. Michael Sweeney is a retired privacy/security consultant who specialized in and has worked with some 12,000 stalking victims over several years. He is author of 9 books, 3 relating to privacy/security how-to helps, and 5 relating to crimes of the New World Order and America’s dark bumps in the night. Currently, he continues to offer help to the 12,000,000 stalking victims out there by operating the Free Will Society, through which he can be reached directly by email or phone: freewillsociety.wordpress.com.  Because at least three of his books have been book vanished by CIA and others in Europe, they are currently only available as ebooks, direct. 100% of sales of his books (pay what you think it is worth) go directly to fund the Society, where he draws no salary, and offers a FREE Helps Kit to victims on request.

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