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Will Biden Bypass The Constitution With Emergency Executive Action In The Name of “Climate Change”


Biden may declare a climate emergency soon

Biden Going To Take Emergency Executive Action Regarding ‘Climate Change’ …

IFA Pray writes:

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Father, we pray that You would stop Biden from declaring an emergency. Stop him from circumventing the Constitution, God, and restore a respect for order and law in our leadership.

Biden may declare a climate emergency soon, as many Democrats are calling for extreme executive action to fix the environment. This declaration would enable him to easily take actions instead of waiting for Congress to act.

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Daily Caller reports:

Joe Biden could declare a climate emergency as soon as this week, according to The Washington Post, in a bid to implement elements of his environmental agenda as climate legislation has stalled in Congress.

Clay Clark of The ReAwaken America Tour & Prophet Julie Green explain what we currently see going on in this world, and what GOD is doing being the scenes! Check out the VIDEO below …

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