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Yes! It Is Happening … We Are Crashing and It’s From The Inside Out Like Predicted


We are crashing in more ways than one

Yes! It Is Happening … We Are Crashing and It’s From The Inside Out Like Predicted

The Notrious Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change writes:

IMAGE VIA beforeitsnews.com

We are crashing in more ways than one.

Biden’s approval rating is now tanking as the economy is crashing and the White House is refusing to budge on the restrictions and mandates, both of which I cover in today’s video.

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Inflation has soared to a 40 year high in the US and the global supply chain is breaking down.

And the restrictions and mandates are causing freedom convoys to pop up around the world.

We have traffic blocked on the US-Canadian border and now a new freedom convoy on the way to Paris and Brussels.

Plus, police in New Zealand have been rounding up protesters outside the parliament who have also been inspired by the Canadian truckers.

This while Sweden is declaring the sickness over.

Thx so much for watching you beautiful and amazing human being.

Check Out Luke’s Uncensored Website!

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