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PROPHETIC: News of Increased Bear Sightings, Spirit Bear in Southern Missouri After Dream of Being Attacked


PROPHETIC: News of Increased Bear Sightings, Spirit Bear in Southern Missouri After Dream of Being Attacked

PROPHETIC: News of Increased Bear Sightings, Spirit Bear in Southern Missouri After Dream of Being Attacked

by Curtis “Ray Biselliano” Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media


Okay, this is just strange. I literally (out of nowhere) had a dream just last night that I was attacked by a huge light tan bear, and was fighting it off. It had my arm in its teeth and I was using my free arm to beat it in the head with a stick. It took everything in me and it finally released my arm, and I pushed it over off of me. After waking up, I SEE THIS HEADLINE: Bear population on the rise in Missouri – exactly where I live – Southeast MO.

I knew this was a sign from God to dig deeper.

Here’s the latest news:

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — On Monday, June 28, a bear was hit by a vehicle.

Sightings of bears have increased in the Ozarks.

spirit bear, kermode, black bear, Ursus americanus, sow with cub in the rainforest of the central British Columbia coast, Canada

Summer marks three major events for most bears in the area: Mating season, juvenile male bears finding new homes, and preparation for hibernation.

The increase in bear population has contributed to the first-ever Missouri regulated bear hunting season, which begins in October.

If you find yourself in a struggle with something larger than you, don’t give up. Don’t give in. Keep fighting. Fight with all your strength & all of your might. God will give you the victory and declare you the Winner, … WAIT … unless you’re meant to lose … Lose to the grasp of The Holy Spirit who wishes to consume you! We must GIVE IN to The Holy Spirit and allow HIM to consume us!

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The Spirit Bear That Appeared In My Dream:

I did some deeper research and found that the light colored bear in my dream is often referred to as a SPIRIT BEAR. I asked God why would a symbol of hope & inspiration be attacking me? and I felt Him remind me that in my dream, the bear DID NOT harm me even though he could have if he wanted to. In fact, he allowed me to beat him over the head as I attempted to struggle loose from his grasp. Maybe The Holy Spirit wants to have to a deeper connection with us and we are the trying to fight loose!

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Wikipedia gives us more insight into “Spirit Bears” …

The Kermode bear, sometimes called the spirit bear, is a subspecies of the American black bear and lives in the Central and North Coast regions of British Columbia, Canada. It is the official provincial mammal of British Columbia and symbol of Terrace, British Columbia. While most Kermode bears are black, between 100 and 500 fully white individuals exist. The white variant is known as spirit bear, and is most common on three islands in British Columbia, where they make up 10–20% of the Kermode population. Spirit bears hold a prominent place in the oral traditions of the indigenous peoples of the area. They have also been featured in a National Geographic documentary.

To Indigenous Peoples, the spirit bear is considered sacred.

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