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President Trump Says, ‘We Will Never Give Up’

Trump Victory

President Trump Says, ‘We Will Never Give Up’

President Trump Says, ‘We Will Never Give Up’

Amir George with Charisma News reports:

To the wild cheers of a massive crowd in Valdosta, Georgia, first lady Melania Trump opened Saturday’s rally for the president. President Donald J. Trump assured the crowd with the words:

“We will not bend! We will not break! We will not yield! We will never give in!

“We will never give up! We will never back down! We will never, ever surrender!”

Trump Victory
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

The rally came after more than a month of discovering massive voter fraud. Findings include the most detailed from Nevada, where votes led back to 1,500 deceased people; 2,500 people who had changed their addresses; 6,000 voters claiming to live at vacant lots; 8,000 voters with nonexistent addresses; 1,500 people registered to commercial addresses and 20,000 at out-of-state addresses and 42,000 who registered out of state early.

Together an estimated 95,000 fraudulent votes were discovered in a state where the margin of victory was only 33,000 votes

In Pennsylvania, there were 121,000 fraudulent votes found with a margin of 81,000 votes.

In Wisconsin, it was 200,000 fraudulent votes and a margin of only 20,000.

In Arizona, there were nearly 300,000 fraudulent votes with only a 10,000-vote margin.

In Michigan, 500,000 fraudulent votes were found, with just a 10,000-vote difference between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

In Georgia, there were another 200,0000 fraudulent votes, with only a 10,000-vote difference.

All of the votes more than enough to easily proclaim President Trump as victor.

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