A Deadly Disease Is Sweeping Across America & It’s NOT COVID


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A Deadly Disease Is Sweeping Across America & It’s NOT COVID


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A Deadly Disease Is Sweeping Across America & It’s NOT COVID

Patrick with Counter Markets describes this mask phenomena perfectly here in this email he sent out on July 14, 2020. Be sure to check out Counter Markets:

“Eyewitnesses say they are ordinary looking people. Some say they appear to be in a kind of trance.”

Radio newscaster, Night of the Living Dead
IMAGE VIA horror.land

A deadly disease is sweeping across America and the world.

No, I’m not talking about COVID-19 or any other biological infection.

I’m talking about a mental virus.

Brought on by relentless propaganda and swallowed by millions gripped by fear and paranoia.

You’ve seen the infected, shambling around in the world.

They appear normal at first…

Until you see the mask.

Whether inside their car, a store, at work, or in the most severe cases, even at home, they faithfully strap a thin piece of cloth across their nose and mouth.

This is a signal to those around them:

I’m obedient. I’m righteous. I’m doing my part to “help.”

You see, this mind virus has convinced these poor souls that the mask protects them from YOU, a germ-spreader.

And it has warped their sensibilities so completely that when they encounter an “unmasked” person, their immediate response is to attack and force you to muzzle yourself into the mindless conformity they’ve come to accept and love.

Howling platitudes such as:

“My mask protects you, your mask protects me!”

“Shut up and put on your mask!”

“It’s not that hard, wear a mask!”

Oh, you could try to argue with these zombies.

Bring up the fact that surgical and cloth masks are proven NOT to protect you from airborne disease. And that the bulky N95 masks are shown to drastically decrease oxygen to the brain, and aren’t recommended to wear for more than a couple hours at most.

And that N95 and surgical masks are ONE-USE ONLY and cloth masks are basically bacteria-magnets that not only fail to filter out any viruses, but also attract additional disease.

But logic, sound reasoning, and basic facts can’t thwart the masked zombies.

The propaganda they’ve consumed, turning them into hideous shells of human beings, has reprogrammed their minds to listen and repeat, not think.

They’re subservient to the white lab coats and dark blue power suits.

They’ve abdicated any critical thought to “science” and “experts.”

When they see you, a free-thinking human being without the appropriate gag firmly fixed to your face, they’re enraged.

How dare you make your own decisions, especially for your health?

Don’t you know your “freedumb” is endangering others?

Your rulers have given you orders.

It’s your job to carry out those orders in this WAR on COVID!

It’s not your job to question the order.

It’s not your job to think at all.

That’s what the corporate media does for you.


To these masked zombies…

You, the free-thinking, free-acting individual, are full of precious life that they seek to tear apart and feast upon.

You’re not a human being deserving of respect and kindness and basic human rights and dignity.

You’re disobedient meat.

Ripe for dinner.

That’s why they accost you in the supermarket, the coffee shop, even outside in the woods if they see you unmasked.

They have a singular goal:

Compel you to SUBMIT to their will.

Like the great zombie movies of old, the central question that arises is:

How did this happen?

How were human beings, the most intelligent species in the known universe, reduced to wretched revenants?

And in the case of widespread acceptance of mass mask-wearing, how did our society and culture devolve to this point in time?

Vin Armani answers these difficult questions inside the July issue of the Counter Markets Mastermind.

Check Out Counter Markets Here!

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