Will Congress Say ‘Nevermind’ to Religious Freedom?


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They’re 12 short where it matters — on principle. …

Will Congress Say ‘Nevermind’ to Religious Freedom?

The Washington Stand and IFA Pray report:

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Father, we pray that You would stop this bill dead in its tracks. Prevent our government from stealing away our religious liberty, God.

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This bill will have drastic repercussions on religious liberty in our nation. Let’s pray that God strikes it down.

From The Washington Stand. If you’re waiting for the Georgia runoff to decide what the Republicans’ margins are, don’t bother. Thanks to Wednesday’s marriage vote, we know exactly where the lines are drawn. Heading into this week, a lot of people said that America was about to find out what the Senate GOP is made of. Now we know. Republicans may be down one seat in the Senate, but they’re 12 short where it matters — on principle. …

To the grassroots, marriage, like life, should be non-negotiable. And for 37 brave men and women, it was. For 12 others, it was a clear sign that this new chapter of GOP fearlessness does not include them.

Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.) couldn’t believe the timing. “Twenty-nine years ago today,” he reminded his colleagues,President Bill Clinton signed into law a bill sponsored by then-Representative Chuck Schumer [that] aided in the defense of one of the most fundamental freedoms that we have in our nation — the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” … Now, 29 years later, “Congress is saying ‘nevermind.’”

Like other Republicans, the Oklahoman pressed the bill’s sponsors about the holes in their supposed religious freedom “fix.” … They told Lankford what they won’t tell the American people, which is, they don’t want individuals to be protected. They don’t want religious beliefs to influence how people carry out their business or their personal lives.

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That’s a problem, multiple members have argued. “Everyone seems to nod their head [and agree],” Lankford said, but when Republicans like Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) bring amendments to correct it, Democrats (and their Republican enablers) say, “‘We’re not going to fix it.” “You know what that tells me?” Lankford asked. “These are not mistakes… This was purposeful.”

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