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The Nature of Current Climate & Fifth Generation Warfare


Another report from the front lines of this surrealist battlescape … report from Dr. Robert Malone on Substack …

The Nature of Current Climate & Fifth Generation Warfare

Robert W Malone MD, MS reports:

IMAGE VIA youthkiawaaz.com

So now, as the COVID crisis winds down and the propaganda/fifth generation warfare continues to ramp up, we are starting to see additional battle strategies emerge. One new strategy that seems to be cropping up is the circulation of fake documents and videos. These come in many versions, and as usual are designed to exploit human behavioral and psychological weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Having successfully cultivated a political/public space environment in which rampant lying has been normalized, and the logical consequences of widespread skepticism and mistrust have therefore also become the norm, the chaos and propaganda agents have intentionally compromised public discourse with a form of highly infectious mind-virus which is rapidly propagated on both social and corporate media.

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