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The Tesla Theorem: The Democrat’s Deep Thought at Work


Part I: Shades of Marvin, the Paranoid Android

The Tesla Theorem: The Democrat’s Deep Thought at Work

by H. Michael Sweeney | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media


In Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Doug Adams), the smartest computer ever devised was tasked to find the “meaning of life, the Universe, and everything.” After centuries of crunching all possible variables available to its infinite memory banks, it produced an unexpectedly simple, but enigmatic answer: 42. That machine was called Deep Thought. In many ways, Democrats tend think every notion they come up with is a deep thought worthy of a Bill and infinite tax dollars. Sometimes, however, their braniac version of logic (unicorns, fairy dust, and wishful thinking) is applied to things external of government… things they are paranoid about, especially.

Hence, the Tesla Theorem, in response to Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, which for them, did mean everything:


The above formulaic depiction is drawn from the actual strategy recently employed by Democrats. While it is tongue in cheek in many respects, I assure you the variables and the math involved in the iterative series are as close to a scientifically valid equation depicting their plan, as can be established by this self-identified mathematician. However, though I’m a smart guy with five degrees, I’m also completely capable of taking liberties with math procedures/rules/realities, if it helps make a point… the way liberals tend to do with logic/facts/truth, to conceal a point that refutes their fuzzy version of logic.

I’ll be honest. I do have a dog in this fight, a non profit I founded which is in modest ways sponsored by a company in which Elon Musk holds a vested interest. I am therefore obliged to pick a fight with their Demokratischer Sozialismus (democratic socialism: mostly peaceful Mob Rule by extreme leftists, authoritarian politicians, and ballot-box stuffing). Why does my dog hunt, you ask?

Because they are seeking to build their version of democracy from the ruble they have made of the American Republic, which never was a democracy; it is a democratic representative system (so yes… I’m a threat to their ‘Democracy’.) Their decades-long plot now includes efforts to destroy Elon Musk for daring to deprive them of Twitter’s stranglehold on free speech and manipulation of voters by the Biden/Clinton/Obama/Soros Deep State cabal (the forces implementing the Theorem). Any one of those things deserves much ire, already, but if they harm Musk, my Non Profit could also tumble (unless you want to donate a couple million. Let me know if you need an address.)

So, what the Theorem and the Title depicts, is actually taking place right now. It is a tiny scaled down version of the type of vastly more complex A.I. software used by the Club of Rome on their Qbit quantum supercomputer (named Dark Thought?), to plan every aspect of your future life via Great Reset, and other dark manipulations (i.e. population reduction, digital currency, one world government, etc.). This is exampled in depth in my book, Who’s Killing the Bilderbergers?, via illustrated proofs in the form of their own secret documents.


AI solution logic flow diagram for world control

Time to stop making fun of the matter, and get down to the hard facts of it. But to help with that, we need look an important timeline of events which establish relevance in terms of cause and effect, and everything. Insert your Babblefish now, to translate liberalthink…

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PART I: A Contextual Timeline, with relevance to the Tesla Theorem:

It is important to note, that at no time has Musk indicated political affiliations or beliefs, prior to blows with twitter over censorship in 2022. Regardless, of this the Left, including mainstream media, has continually attempted to cubbyhole his politics, gleaning clues here and there as they might imagine indicative. By and large, this has only left them as dazed and confused as ever, a state of mind so common as to go undetected by them — despite clues of laughter or cries of alarm at almost every utterance they make.

It is my belief that the average Democrat conducts all evaluations and decisions based upon fear. They certainly fear anyone who dares believe anything different than their own beliefs, despite the fact that they are ever being told what new belief supersedes or updates the old one. They fear having their dissonance revealed, thereby. They fear being seen by one another as ‘unwoke,’ requiring constant moral posturing. Fearing even that is insufficient, they are compelled to blindly join in any leftist protest of the day, regardless of the why, justifiability, or legality. This results in mostly peaceful arson, destruction, and even murder. Mostly, they fear anything they don’t understand, or can’t neatly fit into their limited World View (a fantasy bubble fed information from only leftist resources)… which brings us to their Elon Musk fear: no cubbyhole.

1971 Born in South Africa to an S.A., Elon has dual citizenship. Democrats, in their fog of emotional perceptions, feel obligated to give him points for inclusivity’s sake, but will later weaponize this against him;

1979 age 8: used to reading 10 hrs. a day and running out of books, he reads the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica. Once seeing this, Democrats view him a potential threat to their inferior knowledge base (less educated, fewer facts and truth required), and deduct points to his inclusivity score;

1983 age 12: took a six-month course (in three days) to learn programming, writes a video game and hawks it to a publisher for $500. He’s starting to sound Asian, to Democrats, who worry about Asians appearing smarter than Blacks to the point of fostering racism between them;

1985 age 14: reads the Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy while looking for an answer to existential confusions, apparently not having read Ayn Rand, perhaps the better choice. It gives him the idea he ought try to save humanity, a life-altering moment of awakening, as Democrat wokeness holds no sway in S. Africa, where Blacks are marked safe from such ‘help’, but not so safe from apartheid;

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1988 age 18: with Canadian Passport, he left S.A. over apartheid and compulsory military service oppressing Blacks (this is real moral posture, confusing to Democrats, who do not understand the concept). While attending Queen’s University, he gets hands-on work experience shoveling dirt for wages, and reads news about various executives, who he then asks to meet for lunch. This results in an internship with a bank, where he shows great financial aptitude. He establishes manifold ways to earn money in his spare time, such as selling computers out of his dorm. He is starting out life as a capitalist who understands the work ethic and business-world paradigms, also stumbling blocks to most Democrats, favoring the simpler tax-and-spend to grow rich with kickbacks, graft, and insider-trading paradigm;

1992 age 21: transferred to U. of Pennsylvania on a Visa, majoring in physics and economics, then to Wharton College for degrees in both. At some point after this, he begins U.S. immigration. He runs a speakeasy for campus capers and profit. At least AOC can relate — they both know how to mix drinks and act foolish, except she’s a pro at both;

1995 with two Bachelor Degrees, he gets two more intern positions, one in supercapcitors, an important step toward Tesla. The other is a video game firm. He enrolls at Stanford but (shades of Steve Jobs) walks after two days, foreseeing better opportunities in .coms — and starts Zip2, a kind of online business directory. He lives in the office the first 3 months (liberals don’t give points unless Mom’s basement). By next year, he will have raised $3M in investments, but his investors vote him out as Chairman, keep him as CEO;

1999 Age 28: sells Zip2 to Compaq for $307M. Uses his share, $22M, to found X.com, which becomes PayPal after merging with a larger firm. He also spends $1M to buy and immediately wreck an exotic $1 million sports car. Democrats (in error) give him points for PayPal which currently bows to their ideological demands, but deduct greenie points for his lead-footed carbon footprint;

2000 marries college sweetheart, and while on the honeymoon, he’s ousted as CEO at PayPal. He now fully understands how backstabbing works, and it will never happen again, unless he gets involved with politics (Democrats, beware). He still invests more in PayPal, foreseeing its future. He moves to California to be near the aviation and space industries there, and studies rocket design. The next year, he will go to Russia to see about buying a rocket, but finds them overpriced and underwhelming, as if they thought they were NASA (that’s a cut aimed at both programs);

2002 now 31, Elon completes his naturalization process and is an American Citizen. His first son is born, but will die from SIDS weeks later. PayPal is bought by eBay for $1.5B, Musk’s share $250M. He devotes 10% to establishing the Musk Foundation, a non profit which focuses on renewable energy, pediatric health, safe use of A.I., and education. Liberals deduct points for wanting healthy kids, awards them for energy and education. He uses much of the remainder to start SpaceX, convinced Man was destined to live on multiple planets, though greatly displeased with the cost and methods of space exploration to date;

2004 invests in Tesla Motors, who will market their first car two years later, pleasing greenies. His wife gives birth to twins, loosing points with Lefties, who don’t much like families or live births;

2006 SpaceX wins a NASA contract making the firm a true player in the game. Elon invests in Solar City, involved in solar panels, pleasing greenies. Wife gives birth to triplets, offending Dems worried about overpopulation;

2008 Divorces wife. SpaceX gets a $1.8B NASA contract, finally launches successfully, after several costly failures which destroyed four satellites and nearly bankrupted the firm. It was literally hours from bankruptcy when Elon manages to raise needed capital to fulfill the contract;

2009 Musk joins millions of users on Twitter, becoming one of the most ardently followed Tweeter, ever (85M by 2022.) He’s even popular with liberals, despite having no cubbyhole;

2010 Marries an actress, endearing himself to Left-minded Hollywood. He will divorce her two years later, but remarry her a year after that, confusing H’wood Democrats so badly that even today, whenever they say something political, it still makes no sense. Elon buys a Toyota car factory for Tesla, and takes Tesla public. Democrat greenies are all aglow, investing and buying the cars;

2013 First hints at the idea of an ownership stake in Twitter, unhappy with their BS. Suddenly, the lack of a cubbyhole starts to be extremely important. He was known for making outlandish remarks and retweeting crude jokes about politicians, regardless of party, creating a yo-yo effect in his left-leaning followers, now desperate to learn of his political beliefs;

2014 initiates construction of a huge factory to mass produce batteries, and next year, will use them to make home battery systems, called Powerwall. Greenies in love with Smart Homes and electrification of everything, rejoice;

2015 Musk finally caves to questions by media (a Vanity Fair event) about his politics, saying only “I get involved in politics as little as possible,” still revealing no alignment, save hinting at Libertarian, a party no one fears. Musk’s Foundation establishes non profit Open A.I., to research ways to help humanity through safe A.I. It is important in my view to note that he and I agree that A.I. development thus far has been reckless and has resulted in a wide variety of scary results, some lethal. However, the Open A.I. effort, along with the founding of Neuralink the next year, tag Musk as a technocracy and transhumansism proponent racing into the brave new world of THX 1138, or its like. Neuralink seeks to develop brain-machine-interfaces with A.I. help, which is quite transhumanist. Most conservatives fear this, while most liberals are waiting to be told what to think by a future Android President. Tesla will also spend $2.6B to buy a solar cell firm, Solar City, and spin it off into Tesla Energy, to market Powerwall, fostering more greenie joy. Some are confused, however, for even Tesla openly discusses the pitfalls of electrification;

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2018 SpaceX spins off the Boring Company to develop Hyperloop, a mass-transit solution far better than existing alternatives in cost and efficiency. This attracts interest from Democrats running ruining California, but they elect to continue business as usual with graft cronies for older, more costly, less efficient solutions — because Elon does not offer graft opportunities, making them suspicious he might be conservative;

2020 Elon’s net worth exceeds $200B, making him the new ‘Richest Man in The World,’ taking the title from Jeff Bezos. This is the last thing which pleases Democrats, who had been at Twitwar with Bezos/Amazon over subtle ideology differences, but it is neutralized when Musk threatens to relocate Tesla out of California due numerous liberal policies tied to COVID, and their heavy-handed tax structure;

2022 As recent as April of this year, MSM was still unable to concretely define Musk as liberal or conservative. This all changed the moment Musk became unhappy enough with Twitter censorship and policies to seriously seek ownership control, in May. Suddenly, Elon gets his cubbyhole: Enemy of the Deep State, and for the first time he reveals his views of the dangers of woke politics.

The Twitter acquisition and related intrigues, including legal battles and investigations of Musk by weaponization of the justice system by Democrats, involves its own complex timeline, well worth a read, and brings us to what is happening, TODAY. Something very wrong is taking place which gives us insight into the Democrat mindset. This include events in the news (some not necessarily seen related to Musk in any way), things undertaken in their war against Elon, all reflected by the Theorem. That is what we will explore in Part II.

In closing, I here duplicate the Theorem and offer some of the variables within it as a teaser, to tickle your imagination and tempt your curiosity even further. In the formula, apply these variables, for a hint of things to come. Values are in millions, unless otherwise stated:

In the first expression:

Tesla, an arbitrary estimation of the greater potential threat of all Musk enterprise and political influence, expressed as the maximum number of liberal voters converted to conservative in a worst-case scenario;

Twitter, in like manner, an estimation of maximum number conservative voters converted to liberal due the loss of control of Twitter;

Musk, an arbitrary evaluation of Elon’s likeability as a person on a scale of ±0-5. This is a target which the formula seeks to render negative by its use.

DPE, Democrat’s Political Efficacy, a scalar valuation tied to the number of agencies, cronies, news outlets, and corporate boards which can be brought to bear.

DME, Democrat Mob Exploitation, the estimated number of extreme-left activists and social media pundits available;

CME, Conservative Media Efforts, an estimated number of media outlets likely to resist pressure to be critical of Musk.

In the first series:

DMS, an estimated Subset percentile of DME, those likely to get very upset, whereby, as the middle component in the heat coefficient, yields hot-heads at fever-pitch levels, as shown in the third component, wherein is established;

In the second series:

DC, a Disruptive Chaos factor, the number of mostly peaceful demonstrators sponsored, plus;

so, virally sponsored Social Outbursts online, wherein is established;

S3, one of three Sandbag factors used in the final expression, to be covered in Part II.


Grab your towel, and check for pocket lint, you may need it in Part II.

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