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That Day Has Arrived: The World Declares That Good Is Evil And Evil Is Good


There is surely some very real demonic influence here

That Day Has Arrived: The World Declares That Good Is Evil And Evil Is Good

Dean Dwyer with The Harbingers Daily writes:

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The lawlessness so glaringly apparent in many 21st-century children is not just a recent issue. Having said this, we do now live in a time where evil is celebrated and promoted while godliness, holiness and goodness are treated with contempt. In times past it seemed that people preferred to do evil, but it was often under cover of darkness. They were not so brazen and open about their sin: today sin is championed and praised.

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That is a pretty bleak commentary on the condition of sinful mankind that rejects God. The Apostle Paul has a number of commentaries pertaining to evil that he highlights, one of which is found in 2 Timothy 3:1-4: “The wicked freely parade and prance about while evil is praised throughout the land”. The essence of these texts is this: people not only sin and do evil, but they take great pride in doing so and like to promote – and parade – their wickedness.

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That certainly seems to accurately describe the situation in which we find ourselves today. Indeed, as the perfect example of this, simply take any pride march or protest by the secular left, be it a pro-death event or a pro-sexual immorality march. It is all about an in-your-face showcasing of debauchery, perversion and evil. They love to spit in God’s face as they celebrate their preferred lifestyles. The pro-death crowd certainly provides plenty of examples. Imagine seeing a young woman holding a placard on which are the words “I’d rather be a murderer than a mother” –and parading it with such pride and with a perverse grin on her face. This is a level of sickness that needs more than a natural explanation. There is surely some very real demonic influence here.

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