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New Batch of Twitter Files Detail Removal of Donald Trump


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New Batch of Twitter Files Detail Removal of Donald Trump

FOX News reports:


The third installment of Elon Musk’s Twitter Files delved into what led to the removal of former President Trump’s account

In “part one” of the third installment, which dates from October 2020-January 6th, Substack writer Matt Taibbi told his followers, “We’ll show you what hasn’t been revealed: the erosion of standards within the company in months before J6, decisions by high-ranking executives to violate their own policies, and more, against the backdrop of ongoing, documented interaction with federal agencies.”

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“Whatever your opinion on the decision to remove Trump that day, the internal communications at Twitter between January 6th-January 8th have clear historical import. Even Twitter’s employees understood in the moment it was a landmark moment in the annals of speech,” Taibbi wrote on Friday. 

He then shared a screenshot of a Twitter employee asking, “Is this the first sitting head of state to ever be suspended?”

Taibbi reported that executives at Twitter “started processing new power” following their decision to ban Trump, indicating they were “prepared to ban future presidents and White Houses – perhaps even Joe Biden. The ‘new administration,’ says one exec, ‘will not be suspended by Twitter unless absolutely necessary.’”

One unnamed executive alleged the “context surrounding” the actions of Trump and his supporters “over the course of the election and frankly last 4+ years” contributed to the ban.

‘Twitter Files’ Part 2: Twitter Did Have Secret Blacklists

The Trumpet reports:

Twitter owner Elon Musk released more internal communications from the company. Like the previous batch, these expose corruption. Musk released the files with help from former New York Times writer Bari Weiss.

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Some accounts were put on a “Trends Blacklist,” which stopped tweets from trending. Weiss highlights the example of Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, an anti-covid-lockdown advocate. Conservative commentator Dan Bongino meanwhile was put on a “Search Blacklist.”

Conservative radio host Charlie Kirk’s account was put under a “Do Not Amplify” setting.

All of this was done without the user being informed.

Hypocrisy: Twitter has previously claimed it doesn’t engage in this kind of behavior. In 2018, two representatives stated, “We do not shadow ban … and we certainly don’t shadow ban based on political viewpoints or ideology.” Yet the “Twitter Files” show that such statements were outright lies. According to Weiss, shadow banningamong Twitter workers is referred to euphemistically as “visibility filtering.”

The truth comes out: When Musk purchased Twitter, many accused him of attacking free speech. Yet these exposés reveal that groups like Twitter have surreptitiously been attacking free speech all along. Musk is probably not finished with his “Twitter Files.” It remains to be seen how deep Twitter’s secret censorship goes; the revelations so far have been eye-opening.

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