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Reawaken America Tour – The Great Awakening vs. The Great Reset – Editorial


The speakers and organizers of this movement are no more calling for a return to slavery than they are advocating wooden teeth, smallpox, or wolf attacks at night

Reawaken America Tour – The Great Awakening vs. The Great Reset – Editorial

by Michael C. Goodwin | Contributing Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

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With world events turning from the absurd to the aneurysm-inducing, one may find a need to seek comfort from any source (I personally choose Bourbon, but it’s not for everyone.) A relatively new movement is providing this source of renewed purpose by relying on traditional faith and governance to confront what they see as a falling, corrupt nation. The Reawaken America Tour aims to bring the United States back to the ideals of the founding documents focused on individual liberty and freedom as well as a closer relationship with the principles of the Christian faith. While the speakers range from the decidedly sectarian (a variety of pastors and religious figures,) to the secular (General Michael Flynn, comedian Jim Breuer, and President Nixon tattoo enthusiast Roger Stone,) the core message is that the nation has lost its morality.

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Started by Clay Clark, an entrepreneur and business coach, the catalyst was the Covid-19 lockdowns and quarantines. According to Clark, he was inspired by a prophecy from Minister Kenneth Hagin, that Marxist elements would use such an occasion to gain control the country under the guise of health and safety. As such, the aim of the gatherings not only focuses on the Covid measures, but the government reaction ranging from curfews and mandates to the election of 2020.

The theory is that there is an international cabal of influence peddlers known as the World Economic Forum who are using this pandemic to seize ever more power and control for themselves (a wild conspiracy that stems from them admitting it. On several occasions. I’m not kidding. They had a video and everything, it is fascinating how honest they are being about it.) The WEF calls for aGreat Reset (yup, they even named it,) a new future where the world is interdependent (making international conflict obsolete,) where freedom is curtailed in favor of security (your freedom, not theirs, know your betters, peasant,) private property and self-ownership are antiquated concepts (the phrase used is “you will own nothing and be happy,) and of course the environment (this starts with trains and windmills and somehow ends up with us all eating bugs. No. I’m not making that up. I wish to God I were.)

The Reawaken America Tour is basically a rejection of this aim. Rather than a cabal of elites ruling from on high, we should govern ourselves. Instead of worshipping the state, we should turn to the God of our founding. We should value the morals and ideals that produced us rather than the current uncertainty in which we find ourselves. Oh, and we should eat ribeye steak instead of grasshopper quesadilla (they didn’t say that, but I feel I should add it. It is a damn fine selling point.)

So, there it is, reject the disturbing Bond villain Klaus Schwab (founder of the WEF, and born in, I kid you not, Ravensburg, Germany,) and take back control of your own destiny from an ever-expanding government. While the “pastor in the revival tent in 1920s Alabama” style of delivery may not be for all, the message is certainly palatable to many.

The criticisms of Clark’s tour are of course deeply thought out, well-constructed, and thought provoking.

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I am kidding, of course, they just scream “racism” and hold up pictures form The Handmaid’s Tale a lot.

There are certainly concerns that can be raised, however, that are not the intellectually lazy and boring ad-homonyms. First off, there is the notion that a return to the founding would only benefit white landowners (this is a valid concern, albeit an uninformed one.) This is criticism is grounded in reality, slavery did exist. Women could not vote. Many civil rights were not recognized by the government nor the people of the day. A return to the reality of the 1770s or even to the 1950s would be a large step back for many.

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To this criticism, it seems the goal of this movement is to return to the ideals of a more idealized past. Whereas they want to embody the spirit and goals of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, they wish to expand the promises and obligations therein to all willing to accept them. According to the speakers at these events (I listened to hours of these things,) they wish to live up to the goals of the founding (as well as the Enlightenment itself,) to create what was once called a “more perfect union.”

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The speakers and organizers of this movement are no more calling for a return to slavery than they are advocating wooden teeth, smallpox, or wolf attacks at night.

Another criticism or concern may be that turning to Christianity flies in the face of the notion of a separation of church and state. This is certainly understandable (to myself as well, I’m hardly a devoted member of the congregation.) One cannot advocate for a free earthly society while at the same time demanding fealty to a spiritual one. This too, seems to be a matter of contention.

Where the term “Separation of Church and State” never actually appears in the Constitution (it comes from a letter to the Danbury Baptists Association by Thomas Jefferson in 1801,) the nation itself should found no official state religion. Where the United Kingdom has the Church of England (think “Diet Catholic,” we are not so bad,) this led to conflicts and entanglements throughout history. It would therefore behoove the new nation of the Americas to not join all others in this exercise of foolishness. This does not mean a complete rejection of the ideals of Christianity, many of which are codified already. Notions such as innocence until proof of guilt, mercy, generosity, and many others stem from Western civilization, and are rooted in Christianity. This is not to say Christian nations are incapable of immense cruelty and hypocrisy, but that is the failure of the adherents, not the ideology.

Indeed, one can no more divorce Western civilizations from Christianity than one can the Middle East from Islam (a concept many of our current leaders are still unable to grasp.) Does this mean a return to the days of Torquemada and fiery pokers of the Inquisition? Hardly. From what I gathered listening to speakers, as with the return to the ideals of early America, the return is to the morality that brought us this far. Now, one can disagree with those morals as they come into conflict with current views (homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, etc) but to say Clark and his tour are calling for establishing a theocracy are exaggerated (I paid close attention, I break Commandments on a shockingly regular basis.)

There are political overtones as well that are unavoidable. A big one is the illegitimacy of the 2020 election and indeed the faux presidency of Joe Biden himself.

Currently, the popular opinion is to call such concerns akin to holocaust denial (seriously, they call it “The Big Lie.” Comparing Trump to Hitler blaming the Jews for Germany’s loss of World War I. That’s a level of absence of shame that staggers the mind.) Social media will censor posts and polite society will shun the non-believer. Late night comedians and news broadcasters will say those who question are more dangerous than AIDS, Al Queda, ISIS, and flying sharks combined (of course, questioning Trump’s election in 2016 and denying it is perfectly patriotic and the sign of superior intelligence.)

To this position, one could simply ask: Why is it wrong to question a very strange series of circumstances? Joe Biden receiving more votes than anyone in history? More of the black vote than Barack Obama? Why did polling places have plyboard over the windows? Why did Biden receive a boatload of votes in the middle of the night? Now, whether these concerns are sound or not, they are valid. It is completely understandable that people would question these occurrences and telling them to shut up and move on merely enhance these suspicions.

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Airing these questions as much as humanly possible allow them to be confronted and disproven (where possible,) but more importantly, it allows them to be heard. Nothing aggravates a populace like the feeling of not being heard (well, starvation and machinegun fire probably piss them off too, but we are not there yet thankfully.)

So then, what of the medical, environmental, societal, racial, and other modern plagues that only the government can solve? Are the ideals of the Enlightenment themselves obsolete in the current era. Are not Clark and his ilk endangering us all with their selfish focus on freedom?

Maybe. Hell, probably.

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That’s the point. Life is uncertain even in the best of times. Suffering is not only common but necessary. Anyone with nerve endings will feel pain. Anyone with dreams will know anguish. All who love will one day know loss. There is an old parable (yay, Story Time With The Mike,) wherein a great emperor asks for someone to tell him something that will both comfort him in his sadness and sadden him when his is comforted. The response is simply: “This Too Shall Pass.”

The point is clear: we live in a constant state of change. Any attempts to control these fluctuations is as pointless as they are doomed. Any centralized group of shadowy unelected officials promising you a life free of worry are making the same promise a farmer makes his livestock. While the pig and cow never worry about the rent, taxes, or healthcare, rest assured they are being farmed for a purpose (a tasty, tasty purpose.)

We are the United States. Our founding idea was one of self-government. Ours was a rejection of the divine right of kings. Ours was a rejection of the notion of lords and ladies in distant lands dictating our lives. Ours was one of the idea of self-ownership. We rise and fall on our own account. Have we always lived up to these ideas? Not really. Were the founders perfect? Swing and a miss. Was the Constitution itself perfect? Of course not. There is a process for changing it in recognition of this fact (which in and of itself, is kinda perfect if you think about it.)


Despite these imperfections, there is a reason people flock to these shores, risking all for a chance to form their own destiny (and it damn sure ain’t to listen to Bernie Sanders yap about the glory of Communism. Yup. He did. He ain’t “Happy Grandpa.” Anyone who can look at the mass graves of socialism and say, “yes please,” are certain type of evil.)

From what I have witnessed, this is the view of Clark and his Reawaken America Tour. Is it flawless? Not at all. Is it a bit preachy at times? I kinda needs to be (it’s a revival, after all.) Is it political? Absolutely.

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It is also exactly what is necessary. Whether one agrees with them or not is irrelevant. Their voices must be heard. Their ideas challenged where needed and implemented where beneficial.

That is the scientific method.

And I support the science (because the lady in the Covid mask screamed at me to do so.)

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