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Kids Need an Education, Not Indoctrination: The Sad State of Our Education System


English classes are replacing  “Hamlet” and “The Scarlet Letter” with “The Hate U Give,”

Kids Need an Education, Not Indoctrination: The Sad State of Our Education System

by Brittany Johnson | Contributing Writer | Eternal Affairs Media


Parents, you are the primary stakeholders in your kids’ education. Not the broken teacher’s union. Not the school board. And definitely not the radical democrats. You send your kids to school for an education, and maybe a mental break, not an indoctrination

Over the years the left pushed their agendas into the most impressionable minds they could find, your kids. From erasing history to giving kindergarteners the freedom of gender changes, nothing is off limits. Unless you support Trump or talk about God…that’s grounds for explosion my friend. 

The far left is pushing to erase history because it may offend or go against “woke” beliefs. But all societies need to be informed of their history, no matter how grimy it is. History has a funny way of repeating itself. 

A fourth grade teacher, who remains anonymous, claims her classroom’s history books were thrown out due to having information about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. She was told, “You don’t need to teach that anymore.”  These kids will never know why we even had a Civil War or how slavery was resolved.

A school in Buffalo, NY aims to teach our future generations that George Washington, the man who founded this country, was a fraud and Colin Kaepernick, an athlete, is a moral hero. Also, that we should celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Thanksgiving. I guess giving thanks for a country that wasn’t ours is bad taste. A former school teacher claims she was reprimanded for having her class make paper teepees with a Thanksgiving lesson because another teacher, who was 1/64th Indian, said it was cultural appropriation.

If throwing out major parts of history wasn’t enough, your good old friend Integrated Curriculum calls for all textbooks to be thrown out. Yes, all of them. 

Hey, it’s the 21st century, computers are the thing, I get it. But if you’ve been on Google in the past few years, you see the problem with this. 

Propaganda rules the front lines of the internet. 

Kids aren’t taught to do proper research or even fact check in school anymore. They rely on whatever they see first on Google and social media. In the “I want it now” culture the internet makes it all too easy to glance at the first few web pages that popup. Coincidentally they are mostly propaganda lead pages. The left knows this and makes sure they saturate the web with their not so hidden agendas.

Another left mindset sweeping schools is gender confusion. 

A teacher told the New york Post, “Children — as young as 5 — are being encouraged to disregard their anatomy and choose their gender based on their feelings.”

Last month, a California mother at the Spreckels Union School District board let loose on the school for allowing teachers to coach her 12-year-old daughter on becoming a boy. They went as far as choosing a boy’s name and making sure they hid the plan from her parents. Can we say law-suit? 

The liberals say they are just trying to bring awareness to gender dysphoria– a rare medical condition where a person feels mismatched with their gender identity. However according to the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute, only 0.6% of the adult population deal with this. Hardly a means to outline a whole curriculum on it. Elementary-school teachers are writing words like “nonbinary” and “transgender” on the dry-erase boards before the kids have even learned division. But the madness doesn’t stop there. Libraries are filling up with transgender friendly books for kids as young as 4 for leisure reading. Move over Cat and the Hat…oh wait, they banned you anyways.  Some schools even invite a grown man dressed as a woman in full makeup to read to your preschoolers…how charming. 

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Speaking of books…

According to the Federalist, English classes are replacing  “Hamlet” and “The Scarlet Letter” with “The Hate U Give,” a novel based on themes from the Black Lives Matter movement, and “Symptoms of Being Human,” a novel about a gender-fluid punk rocker who blogs about his insecurities. Which screams woke culture. Where are my earplugs?

ELA isn’t the only subject getting a revamp.

In social studies, bringing in Howard Zinn’s anti-American interpretations of history gets a thumbs up. Sorry, WWII back under the rug you go. In science, Darwinism is an unquestionable fact and sexual differences are just a subjective opinion. In math, you won’t find, “If train A and train B left the station…” questions, but instead social justice word problems. Reading this I envision, “If one protester tore down a historic statue in X amount of time….” 

The left swinging hard and staying one sided…as usual.

Another teacher stated she is forced to push the agenda that oil and gas is bad. She is given multiple videos to show the students about how oil spills and gas is destroying the environment and ends with the cheery message, “This is why noone should ever use oil and gas.” Renewable energy is the only way, or you’re a monster. 

“Why don’t I know about any of this?” you may ask.

Have you noticed the teachers are finally starting to give less homework? I’d love to tell you it’s because all our moaning and groaning over the years finally worked or it’s to give you or the kids a break. Sorry, no such luck. Ever heard the term, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” Same rules apply here. If the parents are in the dark, who’s to fight the system? 

Thanks to our fellow Republicans, parents now have a leg to stand on against the madness. 

The Republicans passed the Parents Bill of Rights Act. Which, in short, gives parents the right to know what your child is being taught and what outside groups are receiving school contracts. Crazy there needed to be a Bill passed for this to begin with…

Senator Hawley’s bill would empower parents to sue federally-funded schools that do not protect these certain basic rights. 

Not all heroes wear capes, but let’s get this man one shall we?

Listed below, is a summary of the Parents’ Bill of Rights Act directly from Senate Hawley’s website that will empower and remind parents that they have rights and the school doesn’t rule over them or their children.

IMAGE VIA intellectualtakeout.org

  1. The right to know what their minor child is being taught in school, including, but not limited to, curricula, books, and other instructional materials. 
  2. School and school districts shall be prohibited from requiring non-disclosure agreements or similar forms for parental review of curricula, and shall instead allow parents to make copies of curriculum documents.
  3. The right to information on who is teaching their minor child, including guest lecturers and outside presenters.
  4. Schools and school districts shall allow student involvement in school assemblies, field trips, and other extracurricular activities only if parents opt-in, rather than opt-out.
  5. The right to information on individuals and organizations receiving school contracts and funding.
  6. The right to visit the school and check in on their minor child during school hours.
  7. The right to all school records, medical or otherwise, concerning their minor child.
  8. The right to information about the collection and transmission of their minor child’s data.
  9. Schools and school districts shall obtain parental consent prior to collecting any biometric data or other sensitive personal information on the minor child.
  10. The right to have sufficient accountability and transparency regarding school boards.
  11. School board meetings pertaining to curricula, safety, and other student issues shall be held in public and allow for public comments.
  12. The right to know about situations affecting their minor child’s safety in school.
  13. Parents shall be notified in a timely manner of all reported incidents pertaining to student safety, including all crimes or misdemeanors committed by teachers or other school employees.
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We are not helpless to the situation. Parents can sue if their rights are compromised. If a pattern emerges, it can also result in reduced federal funding to the school. 

So what can teachers do about it?

Rebecca Friedrichs, the author of “Standing up to Goliath,” and educator of 28 years now spends her time informing teachers about their right to opt-out of paying into the teachers union. 

In an interview with Fox she states, “What’s shocking is teachers have no idea. People think teachers are these far-left people pushing this stuff. That is a lie. Most teachers are good, loving people… but we are being used by very powerful organizations – teachers unions collect about $5 billion tax-free every year from teachers – and they use that money to put their social, sexual, and political agenda into our schools.”

In a landmark 5-4 decision on June 27, 2018, Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees ixnayed a 41-year-old decision requiring public employees to pay some fees to unions that represent them. Unfortunately, teachers are still unionized and bullied, but at least they don’t have to pay up.

Final words of wisdom…

Parents, you’re the one raising your kids and watching an endless loop of Paw Patrol. You have the right to know what the left is cramming into their minds while you’re slaving away at your 9-5 trying to keep up with the hike in gas and food prices.

The left are swimming in resources and money. They rigged a national election with a slap on the wrist. We have to do more than complain on social media. Go to the meetings. Create protests and petitions. Make some noise! 

Our kids are the future generations. They will be the future leaders, teachers, and government officials. What they learn now, could change the course of history later. Pass on your values, your faith, your morals, and your history before the left takes it away for good.

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