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New Internet Laws: The Chinese Government Screens All Online Religious Content


New Internet Laws Further Restrict Christians in China

New Internet Laws: The Chinese Government Screens All Online Religious Content

Persecution.com reports:

IMAGE SCREENSHOT / persecution.com

According to China’s new “Administrative Measures of Internet Religious Information,” which go into effect today, the Communist government must approve any information regarding religion posted online — including social media posts, religious videos or real-time online religious gatherings.

Anyone who posts or shares words, images or videos of a religious nature without government authorization will face swift consequences. Under the new regulations, internet service providers are required to shut down internet service to Christians, churches or organizations that share religious messages without permission.

In addition, those who post or share religious information without permission will receive a drastic reduction in their social credit score.” This could cause them to lose their jobs, experience more government surveillance and face travel restrictions and other difficulties.

Churches will no longer be able to host online worship services or post anything online without government approval, forcing them further “underground.”

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