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PROPHECY: I Heard The Sound of The Trumpet & Was Taken by God In The Spirit


PROPHECY: Build With God According To The Standard He Placed In His Son Jesus

PROPHECY: Build With God According To The Standard He Placed In His Son Jesus

by Prophet Jonathan | Contributor | Eternal Affairs Media

While sleeping in bed, I heard the sound of a trumpet and the Lord took me in the spirit. I turned and saw myself in bed; then I was in the heavens of this earth standing before Jesus Christ. It was as light as day.


Jesus said to me “Will you go back? I need you to help fulfill my plan.” Without hesitation I replied, “Yes I will.” I turned around and awoke from sleep.

My first thought upon waking up is that whatever God initiates, He sustains. That is part of what Apostle Eric vonAnderseck instructs in His teachings. It is one of many powerful reflections that assist the righteous to overcome and bear the fruits of Christ within their soul.

Before we jump into that teaching, I want to reflect on Jesus’ message to the church through this experience He granted to me. At first, it might seem as if the message of the Lord is clear, He is coming soon. The trumpet will sound and we will meet the Lord in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

1 Thessalonians 4:17

“Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

That event is soon coming, and the reality of that fills my heart with great joy. But as much as I would have loved to stay with the Lord, I was just as eager to please Him by fulfilling His plan on earth. There are yet many who need to hear the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, which is what this end time work is all about.

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Let’s go back to before the beginning of time when God was setting order to His plan to expand His kingdom with those who love Him. The book of Enoch brings much to light. God initiated His plan by creating angels, the heavens, the earth, and our souls. And everything is sustained by His power.

Our part in God’s plan began when we were born into this dimension of testing. All souls will have to choose whether they love God more than the promises of completion in things which are less than Himself.

The grace that God gives is equal to Himself as it is pure and perfect in every way. God issues grace to initiate contact with us, and the simplicity of completing that plan is reciprocation in faith.

The foundation of truth must be set in the heart through Apostolic stewardship that God has anointed to teach of His living knowledge. It is through this instruction that the believer is equipped to reciprocate the grace of God in faith according to His standard. 

Understand what the grace of God is, how to identify the grace that God has given you, and how to labor with the grace of God. Is so critical to your spiritual health that it is our first priority in our IDCCST course (free), which brings your understanding along step by step for you to also walk in full confidence with the Lord.

A Final Call to Covenant

God is speaking through His restored government as He gives a final call to covenant. You can follow the thread of the anointing in this article:

Prophet Jonathan leads you through the revelations of God so that you will see God’s prophetic links as the Lord paints a clear picture that He has truly restored His church with all sufficiency.

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Equally important is God’s message that He is not going to fix the world, He is preparing it for destruction. Don’t be distracted by false hopes which are less than Christ. Now is the time to build with God according to the standard He placed in His Son, Jesus.

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