Up to 23 Million Americans Relocating Thanks to Remote Work


Up to 23 Million Americans Relocating Thanks to Remote Work

Up to 23 Million Americans Relocating Thanks to Remote Work

Reported back in December 2020 by WebProNews:

Upwork has released its “Remote Workers on the Move” report, highlighting the impact the pandemic is having on the American workforce.

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As the pandemic swept the globe, companies the world over sent their employees home to work remotely. Just as the initial restrictions started to ease, the pandemic picked up its pace, forcing companies to extend their work-from-home policies. In some cases, companies such as Dropbox, Reddit, Twitter and Microsoft have made remote work a permanent part of their culture.

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The shift to remote work is having a profound impact on the American workforce, according to Upwork. In particular, remote work could be leading to a sizable migration.

Anywhere from 14 to 23 million Americans are planning to move as a result of remote work. Combined with those who are moving regardless of remote work, near-term migration rates may be three to four times what they normally are.

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